Homo of the Brave


Another tread that comes up frequently in Deliciously Disabled podcasts is this notion of being ‘so inspirational’ ‘so brave’ – as if to say that being inspirational is compensation for being disabled – that if you aren’t being brave you are even more of a failure. The brave facade in the face of obstacles seems to mean if you are facing them then that’s enough, you don’t need anything more than this acknowledgement. Along as I say you are an inspiration I don’t have to do anything to help. As long as you are inspirational you deserve to live (more about this next week).06mirror02

I’ve had people say similar things to me – not that I’m disabled in anyway – or even deeply emotionally traumatized – but many of the pieces I perform deal directly with growing up queer & I express those issues either frankly without emotionalizing them or with a sense of humour. But I don’t feel ‘brave’ when I do so.06mirror03

I think it takes me as much courage to say I haven’t been ‘deeply emotionally traumatized.’ The ‘power’ of the authentic and acceptable voice has been deemed more resonant when it come that hurt. There have been times when I told a fellow poet that I was never sexually molested as child that they dismissed my writing.06mirror04

An odd paradox – those that find me brave because I can speak my mind & those that think what I say isn’t worth saying because I haven’t suffered enough. Deliciously Disabled wants to deconstruct that imperative that ‘cripples must be inspirational’ into a perception that allows them to be human, & in his case he’d rather inspire an erection than anything else.



I have chosen

to create

rather than reproduce

side stepping the cultural imperative

that man’s main purpose

is to perpetuate the species

that to participate in life

one must add to the population

that if one doesn’t

there is something fundamentally wrong

unless of course

this decision not to reproduce

is based on some deep spiritual sacrifice

for the betterment of the race


well let me tell you honey

I’m no spiritual giant

the only thing I believe in


I believe I’d like to get my dick sucked


because life isn’t only about survival

making enough money

to afford the products of reproduction

it’s about experience


I’ve opted not to experience

the joy of parenthood

for any number of selfish reasons

oh yes I’ve been accused of being

too self-centred to be a good parent anyway

to which I say

so fucking what

who is going to look after you

in your old age

they ask

well I say

if the only reason you had children

was to have them nurse you

in your dotage

that sounds pretty self-centred

or to force them to fulfill

the dreams you put on hold

to reproduce

to repay you for that sacrifice

that seems rather self-serving too


so I chose to create

rather than procreate

to fulfill my own dreams


I have made sure

that more than

my dna has been harvested

for future generations


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