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I lost interest in Cohen for a few decades. He also took a long sabbatical from recording. Then along came The Future with some stunning songs: Waiting For A Miracle. He became less focused on heteronormative and focused on spiritual searching. Here I also have the more recent Old Ideas; & Popular Problems: solid and soothing work. His voice has aged warmly. The Book of Longing is a wonderful long suite collaboration with Philip Glass. Pop taken the level of art.09.door05Also on this 2nd CD compilation is Son House: The Classic Years – fine compelling rustic city blues. When I first heard some tracks at a coffee shop a friend thought it was Robert Johnson but I knew it wasn’t. Thanks to his phone app he found it was Son House. 09.door02Also Graham Parker’s Alone Alive in America – I had this cassette which was losing tension & was happy to replace it. More fine solo guitar blues & pop – it seemed a natural to go with Son House. It also seems natural to add Big Brother & Janis live at the Carousel Ballroom to this mp3 cd – a fun set recorded at around the time of Cheap Thrills. More about Janis when I get to ‘j’.09.door04I fell in love with a song ‘What Becomes of The Broken Hearted’ – which lead me to Jimmy Ruffin & here I have the 20th Century Masters hits. Great stuff but ‘What Becomes’ is an astonishing lyric & song. I added Brother’s Keeper’ record with his brother David.09.door03Finally, because I like to have the occasional contemporary voice, I included George Ezra’s Wanted On The Voyage. The man has a great, complex baritone voice, sings his ass off & writes sweet, emotional songs. A modern Cohen. If you haven’t heard him check him asap.



‘There ain’t mech call for such as dose des days marm.’

‘Very nice David … That’s your name? … right David.’ The casting director glanced the the 8×10 glossy on the desk in front of him. ‘Let’s just try that again, only now with a bit more pleasure.’


‘Yes, a sense that you enjoy disappointing people. That you get a secret satisfaction in there not being call for such as those.’

David took a deep breath. ‘There ain’t mech call for such as dose des days marm.’


‘There ain’t mech call for such as dose des days marm.’

‘Very good. You caught the exact quality. Thank you.’

‘Then I get the role?’

‘I still have another six actors to see today and there are at least 20 tomorrow. But I can tell you that you are going to the top of the list for call backs.’


‘Yes really.’

David grabbed his backpack and left the audition studio. Best one so far, though there wasn’t much one could do with a single line. He didn’t get to this monologue or even show off his acrobatic skills. He was sure his double back flips would land him a part but no one had yet asked for a demonstration of them. Only his facility with bad text written in worse accents.

‘How did it go?’ the next actor in line asked him.

‘I think I got it. At least I got a call back day after tomorrow.’

‘Oh shit.’

David had also learned the art of psych out. If he could spoil another actor’s chance he would take it.

‘But, good luck.’

‘Yeah, thanks.’

David bounded down the steps to the street. He pulled out his day planner and saw that he another audition in twenty minutes. Shit! If these guys hadn’t taken so long he’d have been there by now.

He stopped to grab a coffee and bagel to keep up his energy.

To his dismay there was a line up of about forty others for this audition call. He hated cattle calls. Forty guys who were all variations of himself. Black jeans, black shoes, white shirts. All set to rush off to their waiter jobs after the audition.

‘Been long?’ he asked the guy at the end of the line.

‘I had a 2 pm call and it’s what … 3:30 now.’


‘If that would get me the part I’d certainly do it. Christ the competition is rough even for this non-paying stuff.’

‘Non-paying?’ David wasn’t interested in non-paying work. He’d done enough of that already and didn’t need another non-pro production of anything on his resume. He needed the paying work. ‘Thanks for warning me.’ He turned to leave.

‘No problem.’

As he left he wonder if the guy had told him the truth. He was sure the notice had said union rates. Fuck he’d been psyched.soon

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