Lemonade – First Taste

I’m a white cis-male over 50 who was never been a fan of Beyoncé. More precisely I’ve never paid her music much heed. I remained indifferent to it and the whatever feminist, political or race messages it contained. I’d seen her previous videos &  didn’t feel the connection between female empowerment & her clearly sexualized image.13.mirror01Then came the half-time show & Formation – that polarized the WWW – the women is a show person (I want to say showman but that maybe a too male-normative word these days.) I don’t trust media enough to know if the negativity was reported merely for drama & or because it was majority p.o.v. To some she insulted the fallen US troops, the police who risk their lives, and Coldplay fans by pulling focus.13.mirror07I felt that much of this reaction was as equally sexist as it was racist. The actual song – its music & its lyrics faded in the ‘outrage’ that a woman would dare make such a stance. Why can’t she play nice & just stick to her twerk without getting all political. Is ‘Formation’ ‘good’ as a song or only as as statement?13.mirror03Out of the blue comes Lemonade – another video lp. She certainly knows how to prepare the market for a new release. I was definitely curious & when it was available on iTunes I downloaded it. Then uploaded the songs to my iPod, where I do most of my serious listening. I listened to it repeatedly before I watched the videos. I’m so old-school that if the music needs visuals to hold me I’m disappointed.13.mirror08The music is layered, compelling – at times romantic, angry, empowering. The singing is good – I’m more a fan of alto than of Beyonce’s range. The music moves smoothly from pop, dance hall, & what I call modern pop. Dashes of Big Band, hints of zydeco – creates a fun sonic experience. Particularly tickled by the sample from Andy Williams ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You.’

More about Lemonade next week 🙂


Tender Supervision

this happened time after time

she hires to be helpful

giving work to people

who needed the work

then who became restless and argumentative

instead of obedient and grateful

after a few weeks or even days

of her tender supervision


she asks

why can’t people do what

she hired them to do

all she wants is to be helpful

to give them a break

and they turn on her

time after time it doesn’t work out

it breaks her heart

to fire them

frustrates her when she has to let them go

wondering why

time after time

it never works out

even with her tender supervision


when I suggest

she hire people who are looking

for the jobs she offers

who aren’t friends in need of rescue


people actually trained

to do what she wants done

then leave them to do it


she can’t stop mixing

mixing social service

with getting good employees

she wants to help

but in the long run wants control

wants thing done exactly the way she’d do them


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