23door01I remember first hearing Coldplay way back in 2000 – Yellow was a track on a British pop magazine sampler compilation CD of ‘hits.’ I don’t remember any of the other songs or performers on the CD but I kept going back to Yellow. Sweet, plaintive emo. 23door05So when Parachutes was finally released in Canada I was excited to pick it up in Feb 2001 & was not disappointed. Little did I know they would become so hugely popular. In my collection I have that and A Rush of Blood, X&Y, Viva LaVida as stand alone’s & Mylo Xyloto as part of an mp3 collection. The first three releases kept drawing me back. The crisp production sound, the guitar work, plus romantic, nearly adult lyrics were hard to resist.23door02The guys in the band were certainly easy on the eyes too. They seemed shy in the spotlight, endearing. The music was always lush, arching & aching. But by Viva they became less compelling to listen to. I enjoy Viva & Mylo but there is nothing distinctive in the lyrics, there are moments of good craftsmanship but no passion. But these first 3 cds are still powerful pretty & emotive.23door03Did success rush to their heads? Reading biographies of bands like the Beatles, The Animals, that track their how the rise to fame influenced their work I was understand how the push for bigger gets in the way of creativity. Coldplay accepted the spotlight & I’ve head them interviewed & being nearly forced into political stances. Of course marrying movie stars didn’t create privacy either. So it’s no surprise they lost their way a little.sample

Good Bones

The skeleton had to take two steps before E’fi believed her spell had worked.

‘Thou shalt do my bidding?’

‘He-yes-ss.’ the broken teeth clattered as the breath of wind struck them in answer. ‘Hi hwill dhooo thy bhidding.’

E’fi stepped back. The skeleton stepped towards her.

‘Stay till I call upon you.’

‘Nho for me to breath I must be near thee.’ a bone arm reached out to her. ‘You have willed me but my time depends on you and only you.’

Oh Gr’dam E’fi gave her work table a kick that rattled the two cauldrons on it. In other words she had conjured a spirit that could function only in her presence. She had hoped for one which would travel, perform its deeds while she waited safe and sound in her lair.

‘He-youu are not pleased?’

‘No this doesn’t suit my purpose.’

Though perhaps she could work with what she had. She didn’t have the elements for another spell or the time t◊o start looking for them.

‘We will manage something.’

‘Ahh ghood for I cannot be banished without doing the task you had in mind.’

Oh no! Now she was stuck with this pile of bones.

‘How near must I be for you to function?’ she stepped back two paces, another two paces.

The air around the skeleton began to scintillate, it’s bones cracked. She inched forward and the scintilla stopped.

‘Half a room. Must I be within sight of you?’

‘He-yes-ss. Do not even close your eyes for a minute.’

That meant no sleep either. Now she had no choice but to follow the path she had laid before her.

‘So be it. Follow me.’

She turned away to the door.  She heard bones cracking behind her.

‘Damnation. You must go first.’

‘True. How quickly we learn who is control of the spirits. Not you. Not I.’

‘The Rule of Spells need to be revived.’

‘Do not blame the rules for your own lack of knowledge Misstreshh.’ The skeleton pushed the door open.soon

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