Capturing Fire Dreaming 2016


My bags aren’t packed but my undies have been chosen, tee-shirts thought about and now I’m nearly ready to make the hardest decisions – what shoes to bring. I’ve never been able to travel light. Not that I try to be ready for every contingency but for some of them. I’d rather not wear something than run out of things to wear 🙂logoI’ve printed out all the documents I’ll need for travel: etickets, shuttle reservations, hotel reservations, tour reservations & partial city maps to the various locations for Capturing Fire events. Some of which I’ll have to present at various airport check points. I just hope they don’t for my hotel address. 16th & R is all I can recall, that’s why I print things out so I don’t have to remember.

busboysThanks to the google map magic I know where all the Starbucks, Safeways are around my hotel, as well other coffee shops & 12 step meetings. Last year I did learn a little about how the city is laid out. I’ve booked two days of guided tours already – one that takes in south & includes Arlington, the other that goes north & takes in the zoo. I might even get in some real shopping this year.mulebone

Capturing Fire is changing up its venues this year, which means new vistas for me. The opening night frolics will be up in Columbus Heights – Coffy Cafe. That 1.5 miles will be the longest hike for me. The Saturday & Sunday afternoon workshops, performances & various open mics  will be at the Keegan Theatre, which is walking distance from my hotel. The Fire Slam on Saturday night is at Busboys & the Sunday brunch at Mulebone, both near my hotel. I didn’t make the brunch last year so I plan to hit it this year, just to force my way into at least one group photo op 🙂icon1

Here’s my DC experience 2015:


Happy Birthday Darling

we met at a birthday party

slipped outside

into the deserted

fogged in back patio

attractive man

needed a shave

I like that

we talked poetry

leaning to hear


smiling each other

we feel allure

timid irresistible

in between words

in between patio lights

we stole a dark kiss

unexpected but about time

the dim thickened

the fog firmer between us

stray hands

purred along each other’s spines

we parted

inched from the semi-lit fumble

into less light

two mouths

four feet

not feeling the deck

attractive man

who talked poetry

kissed me deep

then asked me

into his wife’s birthday party


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