#Washington #DC Touchdown

So I’m up at 5 to give myself time to get to the airport for my 10 a.m. flight – easy breezy & impossible. I even reduce my mooring routine, skip posting tumblr pics, barely glance at the blogs I follow & plan to hit the road by 7 a.m. Like best laid plans I’m dashing (with a 50 lb suitcase it is hard to dash) out the backdoor by 7:10.DC3102Satie on the car cd player keeps us both calm. Traffic, accidents, slow us down to a crawl at points. The sun is shining directly on the clock so I can’t see time slip away. We miss the Departures sign for terminal 1 & I end up scrambling up & up escalator after escalator to get to the the right floor, find my check in & United staff give good customer service. DC3101My suitcase is 51.2 lbs – can I reduce it to below 50 or pay an extra $150. I pluck out the bag of American quarters & voila it now weights 45 lbs! Trust me I didn’t have that many quarters. Then the maze through customs, fresh foto for pre-passport, boarding, – the removal of shoes, the scanning of the carry on – no issues, whew. Bottle of water 3.15, a couple of piss stop, some reading when I find the departure lounge. can’t get wifi & can’t bothered either. Boarding, fine flight, land Dullas. Shuttle to baggage pick up, which is at the end of another maze, & there is my bag. Supershuttle snag – my return ticket is for this airport but my return flight is from Regan 😦 I’ll sort that out eventually.DC3103Nice drive into Washington. The air is soup though. I get to hotel. Decent but humid & badly needs real a/c. Unpack. Set up travel plan for cell. Stretch out for 30 min. contact a few local lads. Hit Safeways for breakfast items. Find AA meeting at 6 nearby – back into the soup, pizza slice, CV drugs for 110 sunblock, sun block lip balm too plus excellent customer service -I can show you where that is, sir.. AA meeting interesting – part of format is everyone introduces themselves with named dry date & if they have a group & sponsor. The anticipated gasp when I give my dry date.DC3104Back to hotel, more relaxing, wash up, upload photos, start this blog post, visit by a local lad who wants more time next time. I’ll see what I can do 🙂 quick shower & finally to bed, perchance to dream of Fire. A fairly full day.

Here’s my DC experience 2015: http://wp.me/P1RtxU-1e3


a piece I hope to read at one of many open Fire mics

Born to be Blown

just wrap your lips ’round these velvet rims

and strap your hands ‘cross my engines

‘cause Daddy we were born to cum

do I have to tell you

I want to fuck you

in a song

or is that the sort of thing

you can’t say in a song

even with all the out singers

there’s still this smothering

hetero cloaking of

what queer pop performers

are willing to say

it’s fine to say

I miss you in the morning


I miss your woodie in the morning

the bed is so empty without you

is acceptable

but my mouth is so empty without you

will never make to the charts

I long for the taste

of my come on your tongue

is just going to far

why are there no queer anthems like

‘Born to be Blown’

‘B-B-Bad to the Boner’

not that I want

to reduce being queer to body parts

but honey

taking the sex out of homosexual

to maintain assimilationist acceptability

gets to be boring

the empty space in the bed

isn’t as lonely

as the empty space between my legs

that you used to fill with your face

the smile I miss

is your smile when

I look up at you

with your dick in my mouth

where is the chart topper

that isn’t ashamed of desire

that doesn’t hide in coy cloying


let’s bring sex back to sexy

if I have to tell you

I want to fuck you

in a song

I guess i’m going

have to write that song myself

but till I do

get your mouth a runnin’
get head on the highway
looking for adventure
in who ever comes my way

wrap your lips ’round these velvet rims

strap your hands ‘cross my engines

‘cause Daddy we were born to cum


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