#Lincoln #Mulebone

Only when I know what line to take & where I really am when I exit, can  can say I know the DC Metro system – but it’ll be useful for future reference. I did make my way down to the Trolley Tour pick up spot in Thursday morning. Resisted the temptation to hop off the tour at Union Station – saving that for Monday. Driver was fun, personality plus is part of the job description. Same stops but a different route getting to them.DC0301Got off at Lincoln Memorial. It’s hard to feel any sense of awe with so many people taking shots with selfie sticks. The space is grand & designed for maximum impact but with so many people milling around that impact is dampened. I did get some decent shots.DC0302Also took in the near by Korean War memorial. Amazing concept & superb realization. Google for real details please – a squad of larger than life militiary size figures prowl the ‘jungle’ the troop is reflected in a highly polished marble wall. Fascinating & frustrating – once again people jockeying for pictures pulls focus. But I was moved by the concept, the execution & the reverence. One could be reflected in the same wall at the same time as these soldiers. Eerie and evocative.DC0303Different driver different ‘trolley’ for the rest of the tour – again same stops but different route & different guide comments – I enjoy the variety. Was particularly amused by someone on the street shouting ‘that’s not a real trolley’ – gee I hadn’t realized that awe weren’t on rails until then. DC0304Hit another meeting on my way back to the hotel – same place on DuPont Circle – format wrinkle: everyone says the steps in unison. Relaxed back at hotel. Out for dinner around 6 – found the Keegan Theatre were the Fire daytime events happen Saturday & Sunday – pretty close to my hotel. Then made my way to Mulebone – formally Eat Street. New chef, new name, same restaurant. Changed menu. Tried the buttermilk fried chicken with kale – it was a big portion, perfectly spicy (I was asked if I wanted hot sauce & I said ‘not if you did your job right’). I had the banana pudding for dessert, it was okay but nothing special. I’d order the chicken again but try one of the other desserts the next time.mulebone

Another full day of being a typical tourist. The real fun starts when Fire kicks off Friday night.samp03


they bond over Bowie

sharing memories of first hearing

Ziggy Stardust

Young Americans


the old stuff

even the younger-than’s

fall back to those older times

no one says ‘let’s dance’

gave them a sense of hope

they bond

then the ties fray

Bowie was human

after all

allegations of rape

sex with the underaged

when he was in his twenties

they see this 69 year old man

of today

toying with the panties

of a fragile unwilling teenage girl

context gets lost

in this wash of language & image

with this need to now judge

to put his reputation into perspective

allegations become convictions

deeds that may

or may not have happened

decades ago

now become proven facts

evidence is irrelevant

accomplishments are diminished

actions that may or may not have happened

when he was a drunk druggy in his 20’s

are condemnations

actions we might forgive any drunken druggy

once he’d learned better

are now presented

because of who he became

as if there is a need to get even

to question rape allegations

becomes a rape apologist

so it’s easier to just shake one’s head in dismay

than confront

this invested-in

denying me the right to feel grief


Here’s my DC experience 2015: http://wp.me/P1RtxU-1e3

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One thought on “#Lincoln #Mulebone

  1. Accused = Guilty could be about so many of our “stars”, especially upon their death. Great post. Glad to hear you’re having a good time in DC. It’s fun to see a familiar place through someone else’s eyes.

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