Tough Cookies

The thunderstorms threatening DC were no competition for the torrent unleaded by the poets competing in the Cookie Slam at Coffy Cafe that sets the performance list for the semi-final at Busboys Saturday night. These cookies didn’t crumble – they didn’t rumble either they flashed, faces wet with sweat and tears – only emotional blood was drawn.DC0401

A word of warning & apology for what follows: I make notes as best I can while listening so if there are misquotes deal with it or let me know the right line or consider that maybe my misquote is a better line 🙂 No names, other than hosts, as the language is the key not the personality behind it – plus it saves me misspelling names 🙂DC0402

The night opened with Alchemy: Trans Reading hosted by Dane Edidi. Powerful, funny & emotionally wrenching work by several poets: I’m alive, bitches, that’s a miracle – I wasn’t bitter I was just bitter – dance the laughter you never dared – a world of made up constructs that told me that mine was unreal – nevi talk about you but what they think about you – suddenly his softness was desired – cold hardwood room of excuses – we are splinters of each other – we claim all the pronouns & leave them to deal with the confusion – (this next with pill bottle maracas) too spun out to continue, too wired to stop – domestic terrorism in the shape of misgendering – eyes more ocean than human – even if they merely think you are trans they can get away with murder – I won’t curse you but I’ll abandon your name – I have no offerings to bring to this dead issue white feminism disguised as your freedom papers – Hilary Clinton: a soulless faux chicken

Here are lines from the Queer Cookie Slam hosted by Regie Cabico: Hollywood, I’m sick & tired of being told how to deal with loneliness – love is my gender – just what you need in a pot apocalyptic drought: girlie things not water – I’m a like a third party interrupter in my own sex life – the moon smells like a gun after it’s been shot – a body so good someone can love me conversationally – death & dying like a prayer you know the ending to – to be both an exit & an exit wound – fingers interlaced like security blankets – one foot sideways one after the other – the holy water between my legs when she touched me – a church that turns closets into coffins – we often forget there is a limit to our bodies – I’m still alive, like a dream you can’t escape – what is a man always the first what if – I’m scared of becoming everything I fear – it’s more than your bicep that’s bi-flexible – I’ve seen too many dicks you’ll never live up to – speak only when spoken about – horn rimmed & horny – bobby sox it over here – sober girl hasn’t had a hangover in eight years – sober girl doesn’t romance the drink –DC0403

The night wrapped with Sizzle & Pop Erotic Open Fire Mic – hosted by Cathy Petch who started thing off with her Wookie Ode: mohair onesie to accept me as your own. Lines that sizzled: music to my ears instructions to my hands – I dream of a moment where we meet though a glory hole in the digital wall – I dreamed of a lover I can’t have – lover’s skin like a pat of butter browned to sweet by a gas stove – I want to be the man in your moon – fuck him on the set of Bambi – along his back is scar of where I kissed him – I’m lusting after language – I’d lay your every letter – my lover she was digging all over for my orgasim until she coaxed it out of its closet – he touched me like my gimpy body was soft – my tits are burning like motherfuckers, ashes should be dripping from my nipples – beheading your partner during sex help him ejaculate –


The Coffy Cafe was a great spot for these opening events, even with the a/c not working. Evan did ‘beyond the call’ duty hefting sofas, digging out ice-cream & will star in my film ‘Bearbarella’ if I can raise funds for it. Good food, great coffee made this a smart choice to get the Fire started.


Man In The Moon

he says

you’re so smooth

he runs his hands along my stomach

I think

my belly isn’t flat enough

he says

your skin is so soft

so smooth

he is kissing me between his words

he turns me onto to my stomach

stroking my back

I can’t get over how smooth you are

how soft you are

he cups my ass cheeks

squeezes and parts them

I love your ass

firm and smooth

I’m not sure what to say

I don’t want to stop the flow of his words

the flow of his hands

I have been touching him too

he isn’t as smooth as I am

each time I start to reply

he kisses me

let me enjoy you

he says

I can tell you are enjoying me

you like my touch

yes I say

I love your ass he says

smooth firm

white warm

ivory heated by the afternoon sun

it is so white I bet it glows like the moon

it glows when you touch me

I say

he laughs

I want to be the man in your moon

I can’t say

your skin is so black

it would feel weird

not that I am colour blind

but that isn’t what attracts me to him

it is his fascination for my skin

I never expected to be so fetishized

so sexualized

because of my skin colour

because of my smoothness

I don’t see a reason

to turn this into a discussion

about race

I like to fuck white ass

he says

as he lubes me

I know

I tell him

you’ve told me that before

he slowly enters me

you like my black cock

you like it in you

yes I answer

you have a wonderful cock

I don’t tell him

it would be a wonderful cock in any colour

I don’t tell him

how little I usually like getting fucked

I let him

I invite him

because his tells me

you skin is so amazing

a miracle

I love your ass


while he’s fucking me

I choose to believe him


Here’s my DC experience 2015:

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