Civil War Museum

DC0805Tuesday was another free-booting day in the thick muggy soup of a DC heat wave – which I was told was going only get worse, so, in a way, I’m happy to be returning to Toronto today. It’s nice to have a reason to take it easy getting out of the hotel in the morning. The routine is turning on & of the a/c so I can listen some music while I check email, journal etc.

I have to slather on the 110 sunblock 30 minutes before I leave so that give the morning a bit of structure. I googled my aim for the morning – African American Civil War Museum. Not an unreasonable walk from my hotel. I took a few laneways on the way to get some shots – DC laneways are too tidy for my purposes – the garages lack the decayed majesty of Toronto’s.DC0801I found the statue at the corner of Vermont & U first & was impressed by the realistic feeling it had of the men & women. It was hard not to reach out & touch them. I really liked the way it was a doubled sided curve – with soldiers facing out – it then curved so the back was them & their loved ones – the ones the soldiers were protecting.

The museum itself is small. I was chilled by the various leg & arm shackles. What struck me was that history hasn’t changed all that much – the willingness of some states to devalue & dehumanize so they can control their creature comforts is still going on.

It made me feel that some states were like children who just didn’t want to be told what to do by anyone – even if what they er told to do was good for them they didn’t care – they want to be free to choose their own suffering. It isn’t a matter of ideological, religious difference its just a spoiled brat sticking it tongue out & saying you can’t make me.DC0802I doubt if anyone in some states thought about trans folk until the laws were passed to assure them of their rights. What I find puzzling about this is what I call ‘the burden of proof’ – a woman can be accused of being trans merely for having no make up, or being too butch for a women or too fem for a man & still be totally heterosexual & now labeled what they’re not – & have no legal recourse other than suing for libel for being denied bathroom access without producing documentation to prove you are the cissex you claim to be.DC0803But I digress – the museum was like many of the small local museums I’ve vista donate east coast. Unassuming, well planned & full of artifacts & photographs – no costumed mannequins though – I guess Madame Tussauds has cornered that market.DC0804After that I had a great breakfast at Ted’s Bulletin. I’ve tried a few time this year & last but the line up have been too much – I can see why as this is a wonderful spot – very cool 30’s deco – green marble in the ‘lobby’ – a carafe of coffee with your meal – excellent service too. I had such a big breakfast I skipped a big dinner. This’ll become a annual visit.


another workshop product: the prompt was – sharing a small space but no sensuality

Beep Beat

we were alone in the room

his heart monitor beeps

light filters through the curtain

pulled around the bed

tubes slither around his body

from his nose, arms

from under the sheets

from things clamped to his fingers

dried blood flecked on his cheek

his collar bone

is he cold

he is breathing

eyes open

not long enough to see his pupils

the floor is hard

my feet hurt from standing

where I have stood for so long


it feels like a dream

I am a statue

I am a ghost

that cannot reach this man

on the bed

I turn my head

afraid his ghost

is standing beside me

his heart monitor beeps

as long as it beeps

my heart

will continue to beat


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