Story time

Story  1999

so far

we have a boy meets boy

no longer enough

to set off all the old alarms

the buttons once pushed

are now merely annoyed

without going past that initial

not another one of those

the boy meets boy

still needs to be explored


divested off all its ability

to alarm

to shock


or even sicken

it has to be just another


not a needless shock

not a character flaw that answers

the puzzling questions of why

so that’s who he really loves

that’s what he meant when he said

whatever it was he said

to the sweet young girl

who seemed so perfect for him

the sweet young innocent now

crushed cast aside

hopeless and helpless

in the face of the

now no longer so strange

boy meets boy

so we pour over the paper

boy with his boy

looking for a boy meets boy

sort of movie


TV show

to watch

to see our little lives

somewhere on the big screen

on the pages of a book

in a cartoon strip

in the daily paper

we look to see

our normalized lives

normalized in the media around us

and sometimes we find it

often we don’t

we still see

the slight leer,

the pathetic display of tolerance

that has to pass for acceptance

that has make the story so far okay

not normal but just

something we can put up with

because of the money it brings

into the economy

because of the still smouldering

scriptural resentments

because of the cultural fear of otherliness

is that what is boils do to

that it isn’t the sex that bothers many

but the otherliness of it

the strange

the odd

the variation

who knows

and once we see it

what do we do?

this boy and boy

look to see it on the silver screen

in small entertainments

where ooh there it is again

a flavour

something to to slogged through

felt pity for

rarely to be celebrated

guess what my son is gay

hip hip hurrah.

But, and this is the best part

this story goes on

regardless of how it is accepted

boy meets boy

even under the direst circumstances

even under the most oppressive heel

[girl those heels don’t suit you]

so now that the heels are getting lighter

and the economic rewards are increasing

the price of acceptance

is gradually being paid

the profile is getting higher

the opportunities are increased

that perhaps now when

boy meets boy

there are only whispers

no longer weeping in public




even though

yak yak yak

the shame remains

unless of course

one has become a millionaire

has become a rock star

has become an over achieving

over compensating

super outstanding proponent

of all those middle class values

except the in the bedroom

and even there

who knows

not that I’m the one

to take you there because for many

boy meets boy

is good in theory

but please

we beg of you

don’t show it to us

in the flesh08drawers01

Another of the 1999 pieces in which I’m mulling over the place of queers in films & books. Since then that representation has increased but the purpose remains pretty much the same. Gays are not merely chapters in a scene – there is this need got justify them dramatically. If their sexuality doesn’t serve a dramatic purpose then whats the point.08drawers02

This comes from a creative laziness in which sexual attraction serves as a tension point in the narrative line. Woman must be romantic interest – how often has there been some romantic, sexual moment between people in danger – that even while the bullets are flying the guy & gal lust for each other. She kisses him to be brave. What would happen if they were both she’s or he’s, strangers who were forced together parting with that same kiss for bravery?08drawers03

When I wrote this it was pre-gay-marriage & things have changed somewhat – we now get to see queer relationships that are mirror reflections of heteronormativity. See we’re just like regular folk – even trans couples are shown adopting third world babies to prove how normal they really are. 08drawers04

But queer, trans, agender is still being played either for tragedy or laughs or sympathy. Not that I want it to become so banal it comes ignored but that it becomes integral in the same way that its taken for granted that any female who shows up in a movie is naturally the love interest for the hero. An action movie in which the last two bloodied heroes left standing kiss each with passion before jumping to save the world. Thor having a brief moment of affectionate passion with Captain America once the villain has been vanquished.soon

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