An American Hero

first draft of my reaction to events in Orlando – warning: no punches held back in this one –

An American Hero

he is our hero

he did what any red-blooded American

has dreamed of doing

has longed to do

but has never dared

he taught those degenerates a lesson

that they have deserved

for decades

same-sex marriage wasn’t enough for them

now they are cutting their dicks off

flaunting their fake tits in our faces

he wasn’t taking it anymore

he did what others lacked the guts to do

he took back his dignity as a man

showed them he wasn’t going to tolerate

their constant whining for rights

in the face of his deeply held religious convictions

he stood up like a man

became a martyr for cause

the victim of their

insidious eroding all that is good

it was their own fault

for being out late at night

for dancing to Satan’s music

for kissing in broad daylight

where children might see them

for using bathrooms

that normal folks were now afraid to use

for mistaking the first round of gun fire

for the Skillerx remix of Lady Gaga’s

soon to be released single

for not ducking fast enough

for being so busy sucking cocks in washrooms

for fingering one another’s ass hole

slathering the shit on each other

in degenerate pleasure

for smearing their come and shit

on the Declaration of Independence

for wiping their stinking ass slime

on the pages of the Koran

the Torah the Bible

the Crucifix

for using their entitlement

to wipe that fecal spunk

on the American Dream

his American Dream

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