Prince as a queer icon is problematic to me – despite his cross-dressing, his ‘am I gay or am I straight’ – his public interactions were always heterosexual. Not even a sense of bisexuality in his on stage performances. Women were always presented as sex objects. But for many his willingness to dress in gender fuck fashion was reassuring & inspiring. It certainly challenged the music industry as well.20desk01It helped that the man was a fucking musical genius, that he was a multi-millionaire who could afford to say ‘screw you’ to the industry. It also helped that he looked in good, if sometimes a little silly, in anything that he wore.

My first exposure was ‘little red corvette’ – I heard it on the dance floor in Detroit – his vocals & guitar work were astonishing, still are in fact. It’s a song that makes me want to dance. The sexual play of the lyrics was a delight. The double 1999 lp was sensational with too many good tracks for me to rave about.20desk02In my collections I have stand alone’s: 1999; Diamond & Pearls – sweet, sensual. Come: directly sexual & fun.In mp3 collections I have Batman: his songs for this are great fun & deserved at least an oscar nod; Sign O’The Times: another sprawling allegory filled set of songs – perhaps (of what I own) the most political. Musicology: strong, propulsive r’n’b; The Very Best. Purple Rain: I enjoy this a lot but man, I got tired of When Doves Cry – too mopey by half. 20desk03I sort of lost interest in his music – too much of that falsetto work. I respected his war with the industry, his need for artistic control resonated with me. Like Bowie, I also respected that he had a private life while maintaining a fairly high public profile. His death was a shock to me. As details are revealed it is too bad he hid his pain so deeply no one knew to help him.20desk04The last thing I bought, in 2015 (I think) was 3121 after seeing the video for Fury with its amazing guitar work. Prince’s guitar has been seriously under-rated. Too bad he never got the nod to do the Hendrix story – another dynamic black man who took dress to another level & had the musical chops to back it up.



Dan glanced at his watch as he fumbled to open the door of his apartment. It was almost 1 in the morning. He tried to calculate how many hours had passed since he’d left that morning just after 8.  Just as he was getting to that answer his keys slipped out of his hand and fell.

“Damn,” he whispered stooping to pick them up. “I’m getting too old for this sort of life.”

Inside he began pulling of his clothes and letting them fall where they landed. One of the joys of living alone was not having to worry about hanging your things up instantly. T-shirt by the front door, shoes at the edge of the living room carpet, jeans on the couch, underwear on the armchair and finally socks under the coffee table once sat down to pull them off.

“Ah,” he sighed. The naked pleasure of it all. He picked up the TV remote and turned it on, more for light than to watch. His eyes barely focus as he flipped rapidly from one channel to the next. He was caught in that comfortable feeling of creeping sleep, warm, fuzzy and welcome. He looked down at his cock.

“Well I guess it’s just me and you again and I’m afraid I’m too tired tonight. Forgive me.”

He massaged his balls as he stretched his back arching it to pull himself off the couch at to the bedroom. The cool of the wooden floor was pleasant to his warm feet. He stood a moment to appreciate it before walking into the bathroom. Still holding his dick he pissed, flushed and then turned to check his face in the mirror.

“It’s still me,” he muttered. “And boy do you need some sleep.” He rubbed his balls across the cool enamel of the sink and enjoyed the sensation. “I thought I told you not tonight.” He admonished his cock. “If that’s what you’re interested in you should have brought me home earlier.”

He went into the bedroom which, thanks to a timer, was gently illuminated by a dim bedside lamp. The bed still unmade from the morning and the morning before. He shook the sheets flat and knelt briefly by the bed.

“Thanks, who ever you are,” he said, quickly getting up as if afraid someone might catch him at this little ritual of whatever it was of. He was not quite sure why he did it except that it made him feel somehow ready for bed. That another day had ended and that he had to thank someone for it. It didn’t matter just what that something or someone was but this little act of gratitude was comforting and let him sleep peaceful most nights, unless he had too much coffee.

He lay on the bed, turned out the light and breathed slowly as his eyes adjusted to the dark. Then he allowed them to close. A little shift of his butt and his body was in sleep shape and he could feel sleep approaching him like a warm weight pulling him away from his own thoughts.

All thoughts except one. He flipped the blanket back so that his cock sprang into the air. “Some days you can be so demanding,” he whispered wrapping his right hand around his erection and steadily moving it up an…d down the shaft. “You like it like that don’t you.”

He wondered which sex object to use tonight. Those two Vietnamese guys he’d seen kicking a ball around in the park came to mind. In their mid to later twenties he estimated and has both had spent some serious time at the gym. Not too tall but with such fine stomachs and those sturdy little legs. He could feel one of them fucking his ass while the other fucked his face with their hard hot cocks. How kind it was of them to have taken their shirts off and he had glimpses of their jocks as their baggy shorts hiked up while they were chasing the ball. Yeah he could feel their mouths both on his dick now then one of them eating his ass while the other sucked and sucked and sucked and whoa his warm come squirted onto his stomach.

He got up and went back to the bathroom and wiped off, squeezing out a few last drops of come before going back to bed.

“Satisfied?” he asked as he pulled the bedding back over him.


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