the romance trail

like all trails

like all romances

leads toward the sun

set rise

twist turn

sudden canyons

abrupt cliffs

unexpected waterfalls

city streets

dotted with houses trees gardens

streets all lead

back and forth

from my house to yours

from one bed to another

from one shower to another

back and forth

ebb and flow

with stops

to eat



rant range rage



lots and lots of talk

pointless for the most part

the subtle word clues

to one another’s moods



which sunset set are you running off to

which sunrise will we meet together

who kicks who too much in the night

which bed is the softer

which has the wrong lumps

in the right places

who needs space

who has less

who mows the lawn

who carries the conversations

all that who

we are trapped in whoville

water for the who-terville trolley

no not trapped


engulfed within each other

when each other is present

each with their

own life flowing around the other

each tends his own side of the street

sweeps his own sidewalk

wears his own clothes

most of the time

though those socks have

become harder and harder to separate

though those friends have merged somewhat too

the separation has lessened

even as the distance has increased

I pass the same shop windows so often

on my quick trail blazing to your door

that I can notice

small changes in background

a watch sold

a new dress

different book records candy



summer winter

back and forth

we move in and out of each others’ sight

each others’ warmth

only to return

as often as possible

though we both admit

living together

is out of the question

oil and water

piss and clean freak

you get the picture

and neither minds how it develops

as long as we are both

in the same frame for that long

in that same breathed space

share that molecule

with DeVinci

and we blaze that trail

in all weather

in all emotional short circuits

I never tire of the first sight of your face

the first feel of your arms

the sweet dash

of your naked body down the stairs

after unlocking to door

for me to enter

to make the decent into our valley

our cave

our time to clutch




such a delicious opportunity

that so few have for so long

we have for some reason

held onto to something better than money

bigger than time

sweeter that lunch

and wider to track down


even these words

can ever encompass

or even vaguely hint at

22drawers01Another piece from 1999 – sunrise/sunset – plays on the cliche of riding off into the sunset – usually the handsome rugged cowboy who has just saved the tender, helpless female from the clutches of the blood-thirsty red-skins. Never mind the fact that many of the cowboys preferred one another’s company, that the Indians were defending their land.22drawers02Like the last piece I’m looking at the things that make break & hold relationships together. Westerns created a romantic false impression of cowboy life. Romantic movies have done the same things for relationships – with the right lighting & music everything works out smoothly – never mind the fact that neither the characters or the actors playing them actually hears that music.

But just like movies, pop songs – I let this piece go over-the-top in its rush to love. I try to acknowledge limitations & how sometimes the concessions to make things work can force us to a admit that our need for privacy is more vital that out need for intimacy. Creating a pair of lovers who need each other but just not all the time.22drawers03I’ve seen many great pairings sizzle out in the tedium of living together on a daily basis – getting caught in the cultural cages that stifle relationships – that if you don’t want to be together 24/7 then it really isn’t pure love but just some superficial stop gap until that real love comes along.22drawers04There is also a sense that love is endless when we stop putting limits not the way it is expressed, Sunrise/sunset is a cycle that continues regardless of our personal feelings. Those moments are its set & rise are momentary & we can chose to enjoy them for their brief appearance or ignore them for not being lasting enough – love can be like that – it comes & goes, with moments of intense experience not constant in intensity.  soon

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