One of my favourite summer shows has returned greatly changed. So You Think You Can Dance – in which dancers compete to be America’s favourite dancer – favourite as opposed to best – not that the winners haven’t been stunningly versatile dancers. Each year they try a changed approach to keep things like judging fresh, take the auditions to different cities. But after 12 seasons its getting a little hard to mix things – so this year its The Next Generation.’24ochair01Ratings have declined over the years & this is an attempt to revive the series. Producer Nigel Lythgoe returns as a judge – this year his work will be truly cut out for him as the contestants are between 8 -13 – his challenge will be to restrain his lip-licking drooling over nubile female contestants.24ochair02One of things I like about the show, besides the breathtaking talent that competes, is the producers use of past winners as judges, choreographers & even partners for the latest group of dancers. I must confess also enjoyed the amazing bodies of the male dancers.

Over the years the sexualization of the dancers has often been exploitative – as if they were looking for America’s favourite erotic/pole dancer. Kudos were frequently given for females garbed as hookers, vamps or pin-up cuties. Shirtless was always an assured way of a male dancer to get those all important phone in votes.24ochair03The show began, for me, to depend too much on backstory – the more tragic the better – I would have rather seen more dancing & less melodrama. This held true for the auditions as well – let’s see more of what didn’t make the cut.24ochair04What better way to revive ratings than a feast of child exploitation with a seasoning of stage parent. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into Toddlers & Tiaras as the season progresses. Already it’s a ‘kids can say the darnest thing’ competition. I am looking forward to seeing 10 past champions return as each mentor’s one of the dancers. These children will learn more about the dance world from the champs than they did in any dance class.



this book is dedicated to

my editor Ruthie Daniels whose suggestions

guided me each step of the way

my copy editor Justin Taylor who found mistakes

I didn’t think anyone could make

my friend Allie French who suggested

the plot for me

Gus Koholajak the bartender at F.U.Up

for the names of my lead characters

Broken Wrists: my writers group for helping

guide the plot to keep it moving

my friend Kaleb McLean who transcribed

my written notes and also put them in order

my next door neighbour Diane Simms

who transcribed my voice capture dictations

and fitted them into Kaleb’s sequence

the comedy improv class that helped me

discover dialogue for the crucial scenes

David Jeffers who did the legal research for me

Deborah Clarke who provided

much of the medical information

of course I can’t neglect my partner Stan Kidjo

who cooked cleaned and encouraged

when I felt people weren’t getting back to me

fast enough

finally you my readers

because I wrote every word

of this book just for you


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