Concrete Constantines


A good friend of mine picked up the first Concrete Blond lp back in the day. I enjoyed it enough to make a cassette copy of it. It had so many great songs: Your Haunted Head – Johnette Napolitano has an emotionally resonant voice. The sound was mid-80’s Goth but not gloomy. Similar to Sousix and the Banshees.11jul02 I didn’t follow the band, I was more a Blondie fan, but the songs stuck with me. I replaced that tape with a download & it’s in an MP3 collection of Talking Heads stuff.  I also have a stand alone “Recollection” of their hits. As I was never a radio of even MTV fan I don’t know if these are hits or not, but it had a slew of previously unreleased tracks.


Next to them is the sort of local, out of Guelph, the Constantines. I have stand alone’s Shine a Light; Tournament of Hearts; Kensington Heights. I discovered them thanks to the Globe, which at one time covered local rock. They are a solid, semi-hard rock band. Sensitive lyrics, good playing, but to be honest I can’t name a song on these cds. I enjoy them when I hear them but don’t feel the need to hear them again until they come up in my playing rotation. Some bands always demand I hear them soon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The songs are about love, loss – heteronormative without slipping into e.m.o or m.o.r – adult rock as opposed to pop rock. Critics liked them but they weren’t a big commercial success. I don’t even know if the band is still together as they haven’t released anything since 2008. sample


‘I’m not sure what you mean?’

‘I mean you are spending less time with me and more time with them. Not that I didn’t encourage it because it was important for you to have friends of your own but now there seems to be less for me.’

‘Encourage me?’

‘Yeah. I didn’t want to see your become such a part of my life that you didn’t have one of your own.’

‘And now you don’t like the life I’ve started to find. That’s what this really is isn’t it. You don’t approve of the friends I’ve made.’

‘I don’t know the friends you made but what you’ve told me about them hasn’t sounded that positive.’

‘Such as?’

‘Lending them money, getting locked out of your apartment, getting so drunk you fall down and almost break a foot. Stuff like that makes me worry, you know.’

‘Don’t worry about me I can take care of myself.’

‘Honey you have no choice but to look after yourself. But the next time you have a bad cold and you can’t get to the store who are you going to call? Me or the friends you partied with till you had such a bad cold?’

‘Good. I won’t call anyone the next time I’m sick. I’ll just suffer it out alone is that what you want.’

‘Is that what you want?’

‘I don’t know what I want anymore. Things were good between us for a long time. Longer than either of us expected and now things are changing. I didn’t want to do this to you – to pull away – to make you feel like you were being cut out – but you wouldn’t fit in with my crowd.’

‘Sad, but true. There are those of us who choose not to be potheads and plot the downloading of the latest songs.’

‘See you always cut up stuff that I do.’

‘Sorry, but it is hard to say the right so I don’t worry about saying the wrong thing anymore.’

‘Pot head?’

‘You denying it?’

‘I don’t smoke up that much.’

‘It is frequency not quantity. I can see its effects on you when you complain about work and not being appreciated there.’

‘I’m not appreciated there.’

‘Whatever. It just feel its pointless for me to even try. I have to let you discover what you have to learn in life. To shield you isn’t doing you any favors. Warning you will only delay what you have to learn.’

‘Oh, I see, so now you are dumping me because I have a dark future?’

‘Not at all. I’m not going anywhere. You know that. You are the one on a journey to discover balance and faith.’

‘And you have those things?’

‘If I didn’t have some of both I wouldn’t still be here, I wouldn’t be telling you what I’m telling you.’

‘Thanks. Thanks a lot.’

‘It’s not as if either of have a choice in what happens but we can chose not to blame each other for the facts of life. Agreed?’soon


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