The Naked Podcaster

Andrew Gurza in his Deliciously Disabled podcast is frequently emotionally naked – his recent show about crippled cleanliness issues was raw, heartfelt without being a play for sympathy. So when he sat down with Rahim Thawer to do a podcast in the nude about body image I wished to be more than a fly on that wall.

15ochair01Rahim brought the abled p.o.c body into this discussion about how self & cultural notions of looks play into their gay lives. As Rahim remarked at one point the Deliciously Disabled podcasts make him look how this issues resonance in his own life, the same is true for me.

I’ve never had a gym body, nor do I expect to have the energy to put into making that happen. Average is fine – literally everyone I know I’d like to lose five pounds & have a flatter stomach. But those wants are more dictated by what is supposedly healthy & eye appealing.15ochair02How do feel about my body? Comfortable is the word I’d use. Men I’m with have no complaints, but perhaps I’ve been fetishized (Man In The Moon)? Rahim talks about how his being brown attracts men with specific expectations based on his colour, on his heritage. When he doesn’t fulfill those illusions they are disappointed with him rather than questioning their preconceived notions. 15ochair03Odd how in queer culture it is that not to be in lust with that idealized slender pretty man means you are into some kinky shit – you’re a chubby chaser, a crip cruiser, a rice queen, a grampa fucker, a hairy baller – that you don’t have an normal healthy queer appetite. All based on a body image, or is that biased by body media fiction. Of course nearly every body bias can be ignored if the cock is big bigger biggest.15ochair04My own body preferences have always been fairly wide. I certainly enjoy, am attracted to, those ideal swimmer, gymnastic physiques but also relish most other male body types, as long as it is freshly showered or going to jump in the shower with me 🙂 Oops sorry – ableist – as Andrew isn’t going to jump into a shower that readily but I’d certainly be willing wrangle with him in sudsy soapy comfort – time for an in-the-shower podcast?


Political Promises (not lies)

a lot was said

to sway the people

to get them out to the polls

of course

it will turn out

you were misunderstood

that what you promised

wasn’t exactly what you could do

that due to conditions

beyond your control

you were stuck with things as they are

not as you promised to change them

you weren’t lying

just to get elected

you were simply uninformed


that the obstacles to be overcome

couldn’t be overcome

with words

with language

with the slippery tongue of future

you used to unlock the door of success

you wish you could do

what you planned

really you mean to do it


it’s not your fault

you can’t move the mountains

you promised to move

we really didn’t expect you

to fix what was broken by others

you certainly didn’t break anything

it was so broken

when you got there

you had no choice

but to make the best of a bad situation

and if we don’t like it

we better shut the fuck up


you’ll silence us

the same way

others who have been elected

have silenced us

the victory you promised we’d have

isn’t relevant now

that you have power invested in you

you’ll do that you think best

which will be better

than what you promised

we just have to give you a break

give you chance

and stop nagging you

with evidence of your lies

we mean

of your promises

they are taken out of context anyway

so we better give you one more chance

to do what you promised

or it’ll be our fault

for lacking patience and foresight

and forgiveness

why are we so bitter

so cruel

you meant well

and that’s enough


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