Dragging Lake Costello

There was a time when it seemed Elvis Costello was single handedly going to save pop music. The first handful of lps were sensations – critics loved him, he sold well; the writing, playing & recording were top-notch. High energy, fierce lyrics spit out in an almost unstoppable flood. Too many songs to name check. Short, punchy, ironic, romantic, bitter with strong melodies. 18jul01I bought the lps, loved them, gradually replaced them with with mp3’s to save shelf space 🙂 On two collections I have: Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True, This Year’s Model, Human Forces, Bloody Marys, Good Bye Cruel World, Punch The Clock, Brutal Youth. King of America is tucked away in a Springsteen collection & a stand-alone The Very Best Of.18jul02His retro Buddy Holly look was hard to resist. His energy seemed to be unflagging. Perhaps one of the most prolific pop writers of the time he must have been writing in his sleep – though every song was fully alive. He gradually allowed the sound to mature, the emotional impact of his lyrics never faltered as he moved from relationships to cultural insights. I can’t pick a favourite release. 18jul03Then he slowed down, branched out & became less edgy, more middle-of-the-road, his own TV chat show & for a time – over-exposed. He was in a position to try big band, c/w, even string quartets without losing his creativity integrity. Those first dozen lps though are a body of work few others have rivalled.18jul04Rounding out the mp3 cds are works by Big Pig – a fun, underrated Brit band; Prince: Batman: I love this & he is one of the few who can equal Costello for creativity & consistent output. Duran Duran: Greatest Hits – sweet fun that owes a lot to Costello; Split Enz: another band that owes a lot to Costello but never reached his level of fame; Flying Pickets: hey, everyone loves harmonies & their material was off the wall.sample


‘In this course we will be looking at the various religious practices around the world. Some will be new to you, some may, in fact, shock you but all involve the human need for belief – for without belief culture crumbles and as we have seen from the past …..’

Dave’s look drifted over the heads of the others in the class. He had found a seat in the next to last row in the lecture theatre. He wasn’t enrolled in this module but had one elective left to pick up and had sat in on two others to see which might be the right one for him.

Rows of hair rippled around him. Blond, black, colors that didn’t exist in nature. Oh God! Afros were making a come back! James Draviner the lecturer had a reputation for fairness and a bent for the unexpected.

Last year Dave had heard one of the class assignments had been to discover religion in ordinary, daily things. The result had been the Church of the DQ – Dairy Queen as the ultimate being, ice cream the sacrament and so on. That was just the sort of thing he felt drawn to.

Worship me you fools, he beamed his thought control message over the rows of hair. None turned. Damn, I must have forgot to turn on the thought control machine. Oh well. I’ll have to listen and learn once more.

‘How many of you have a formal belief system. Such a Catholic, Baptist.’

Many hands went up. People looked around to see whose hands were up.

Faces. No I don’t want to see these faces. Dave looked into his note pad to avoid those faces.

‘How many of you are followers of Baal, Isis, H’matta. Any vodun priests or priestesses in the room. No? So a fairly orthodox class.’

Ah good, Dave drew a smiley face on the back of his hand, then my work will be cut out for me here. Easy pickings these orthodox sheep. They will be my followers before the term is over.

‘The worship of self, sir?’ David stood up. All eyes were upon him.

‘You must be looking for Intro to Self-Realization. That is in Lecture hall 4B.’

The class laugh. Dave’s flesh burned as they laughed.

‘You’ll regret this.’

He levelled a finger at the dais. It shook a moment. Damn, he shouldn’t have gotten so drunk last night. He didn’t even have the strength for a simple wood splitting.


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