Jurassic Classics

25jul01Sax player James Carter is an astonishing musician. I first heard him on 1991’s Tough Young Tenors. Then I read a review of his cd Jurassic Classics & had to hunt it down. He powers his way thought great takes on jazz classic ‘ Take the A train’ etc. I have that & these as stand-alone’s:  The Real Quiet Storm (sweet sex music), Conversations, in carterian fashion, Chasin’ the Gypsy, layin’ in the cut, Lady Day, Live at Baker’s, Gold Sounds, Present Tense.25jul02You could say that I am a fan. His sax sound is fluid – he willing to squawk id that’s what the piece calls for, but can also be as smooth as silk. These cover his work in various combos, duets, strings & solo. Each cd has been a different concept including some surprising covers: Pavement on Gold Sounds – a rock band I’m not familiar with but which he clearly is. I was always eager for each new release.25jul03My most recent addition was After All: up to his high standard of taste, playing but challenging & interesting too. It’s an mp3 collection along with work by Tadd Dameron(w/Coltrane); Geza Music; Chaino; Donald Byrd; Yusef Lateef; Kabuki.

25jul04As you can tell this is one of my wide reaching cds. I love variety. The Dameron is Mating Call with John Coltrane (Coltrane is God); Yusef Lateef is a fine 50’s 60’s sex player who is clearly one of Carter’s inspirations. Chaino: a lounge jazz exotica staple – bingo driven instrumentals in this Best of Jungle Echoes collection. The Byrd is Black Bird – an lp I had back on the east coast of smooth propulsive pieces in the Weather Report style. With the Giza & Kabuki I’m indulging my love of Japan with more traditional music 0 lots of off-kilter percussion. I love it.



Brin was sure he could hear the voice of G’th, his nurseda. This was not one the the tricks his imagination would play on him nor an image seed planted by one of the El’rs. Over the past few months he had learned how to separate those seeds from reality. This was reality.

He peered out the casement window of his cell. Pushed it open as much as he could and poked his head out. There was drop of about 100 feet from his window to the ground. He shook his head. The drop vanished. The drop was one of those seeds, an image the El’rs used to keep the younger Br’thrs in line.

The ground about twenty feet below. Green stubble of the recent falfa crops had begun to turn brown in the fall sun. The voice came to him clearer. He saw two figures stand on the steps that lead to the young Br’thrs dormier.

One was El’r Ft’hr D’br and the other had to be his G’th. He wanted to call out, to make the large hulking figure turn around. It was such a rare site to see someone not dressed in the cassocks of the order, to see man with a full head of wild matted black and blond hair.

He stilled his breathing, his thoughts, to see if he could pick up what they were saying.

‘He has progressed very well indeed G’th. Very well.’

‘I am most humble El’r Ft’hr that one whom I nursed has proved to such a fortunate one. I only ask now for my promised reward.’


‘Is it not so that in the twenty-second year of the offered one he who has ˝made the offering receives a reward? It is spoken of amongst the village. Is it not so?’

‘Ah yes the reward. So few actually progress as far and as well as Brin we rarely have to grant such dispensation. Come, we will see the Most Venerable El’r  B’la. He will know more of this.’

‘Wait!’ Brin cried out.

The two men turned.

‘G’th I must speak to you. Wait just a moment and I will be down.’

‘That is not possible Br’thr Brin.’ the El’r Ft’hr peered up at him.

Brin was pushed back from the window. It slammed shut almost on his fingers. He turned to the door but there was no door. The El’r Ft’hr had planted that image in his mind. He knew there was a door. He couldn’t let his panic keep him from seeing his nurseda.


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