Straight Guys Macho Mysteries

29ochair01Many of the gay cruising sites allows you filter the profiles you see by various categories – so you won’t waste precious eye-time flipping past what doesn’t appeal to you. On some you can get very selective & see, for example, only uncut Asian men over 6’. There is even, now, on some, a trans option. So one can include or exclude without feeling (or revealing) they are racist or ageist (ha). Though one has little control over who views or filters you out.29ochair02The category that I’ve been paying some attention to is ‘straight.’ The nature of sexuality has certainly become very, very flexible – I realize that straight no longer means heterosexual – but I’m not sure what it means in the minds of those who tag themselves as straight. Maybe it means ‘I don’t kiss men’ but then again I’ve met lots of gay guys who won’t kiss. Or perhaps it means ‘I’d never marry a man’ – but I’ve met lots of gay guys who say the same thing.29ochair03It certainly isn’t what they do sexually either – when a ‘straight’ tagged guy says he wants to suck some hung ones, or needed a big one up his ass, I wonder why they think they are straight, as opposed to bi – or even gay? Some of them are only interested in other straight or bi guys – not gay men. Some want T-girls or trans in particular. Is that some way of maintaining a cultural standard of masculinity.29ochair04They are similar to gay or bi guys who post about wanting to fuck an ass pussy. This desire to ‘feminize’ the partner strikes me as a subtly homophobic need. Similarly terms like ‘masculine only’. Of course, often, the masculine only seeker wants his ass pussy pounded.


Ode to the Self-Reliant


don’t do anything

until I get there

until you hear from me

I can’t help you

if you don’t listen

if you had done what I said

thing would have worked out better

you know that don’t you

this should be enough

to hold you for now

it’s all you’ll need

there’ll be more when you need it

not when you want it


I’m the only one

you need to trust

you can always count on me

don’t waste your time with anyone else

don’t expect more than I can spare

it’s better than nothing right

it’ll be adequate

you can count on my smile

on my listening


yes you can rely on me

only on me

because if I’m not enough

no one will satisfy you


you can’t even depend on yourself

don’t waste your time

my life is full enough

without you

but without me

you are nothing

so don’t ever take the risk

of finding out out otherwise



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