Hippie Pops

Country Joe & the Fish were the epitome of hippie (or is it hippy). Long-haired, hopped up on pot or lsd & unlike the Grateful Dead (who were pretty much the same epitome) more pop. But never Top 40 pop unlike the Byrds or the Jefferson Airplane. I was never really fan because they lacked, to me, the comfortable radio sounds I was used to. They were even experimental electronica on a few tracks.01.Fabric01I remember that first lp Electric Music for Mind & Body which I got from the Columbia Record Club. 12 lps for .01 plus shipping – The Club was one of the only ways kids like me in tiny east coast towns could get ‘psychedelic’ underground music. Country Joe was counter-culture hippie commie music.01.Fabric02I enjoyed that first lp, missed the next one & got Together with its Fireside Theatre trappings. Then when I escape Cape Breton I left them behind. I didn’t heard them for decades when thanks to high-speed I was able to down loads those two plus Fixin’ To Die; Live; CJ Fish; Eps; Here We Are Again. They were very political, antiwar, romantics. The music runs from pure psychedelic to jug band, blues, even some big band. That first lp transports me still. Not much instrumental experimentation after the first two lps.01.Fabric03These are spread out over 2 mp3 collections that also includes: compatriots Canned Heat’s: Living The Blues, Hallelujah, Future Blues, Reheated. Heat brought a more rural & boozy sense to that hippie vibe. Friends of mine loved them & as I’ve aged I come to enjoy them. Living is a fine double lp. Their music remains similar across all the lps – a more traditional blues often with political, antiwar lyrics.01.Fabric04To round the cds out I added some real blues with some Robert Johnson; Hooker: Sweet Black Angel; Brownie McGhee, Hooker & Terry: I Couldn’t Believe My Ears. I like to thinks its more than nostalgia that draws me back to some of this music but even if it is I’m also glad I never outgrew it.



Brin closed his eyes and the illusion of the doorless wall remained as vivid as if his eyes were open. He stilled his breath a moment and reached to where the door should have been. His finger tips brushed the rough stone wall till he found the door frame. He opened his eyes and saw the wall and the wall only.

It took another two breaths for his mind to over come the information his eyes fed him. His hand found the doorknob and he opened it. More stone wall faced him. His head throbbed as he struggled to over ride the El’r Ft’hr image seed. It took all his will to step through the stone wall, a stone wall that part of him knew wasn’t there, while all his senses told him it was.

He felt the grit of the stone as his face pressed against it. He pushed harder.

It isn’t real. It isn’t real.

Sweat poured down his back, along his calves. He strained down to the the straps of his sandals. He plunged through. The image dissipated. He looked back to see his open door, to see the window in his room and sky outside.

As he broke through he stumbled into Br’thr Singa.

‘Watch it Brin.’

Brin helped Singa to his feet.

‘Sorry, but it was a test of wills.’

‘Test? I thought you’d been through all that.”

‘Looks like there still more. El’r Ft’hr D’br didn’t want me to leave the room so there was no door.’

‘Till now.’

‘Right. Look I have to run. I saw my nurseda, G’th, and for some reason the El’r Ft’hr doesn’t want me to talk with him.’

Brin started to the stairs. Singa followed. It was just a quick flight down to the main floor but as they got to the top of the stairs there was many flights, endless flights of stairs down and up. The El’r Ft’hr was determined to keep him from G’th.

‘Here.’ Singa handed Brin a shaft fringed like a falfa tassel only the tassel were stiff.

‘What is it?’

‘A writing quill. Very ancient. A feather.’


‘From a bird. A real bird.’

‘Real. Good.’

He dropped the feather on the first of the steps and the others melted away. Image seeds could be dispersed with a piece of reality that didn’t fit.

‘Come on then.’

Brin jumped down the stairs two at a time, his cassock flew up and round his heels. He could hear Singa close behind him.


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