Clowning Afound 

Taking photos on my walks keeps me from picking up objects – if it weren’t for my camera I’d be a hoarder – instead I hoard images. Yet sometimes I succumb – usually something not too large or not too far from the end of my walk. I have bought home a few framed photographs, needle points & even oil paintings.

Over the past month or so I’ve been longing for a circus clown polka dot shirt – maybe because I’ve been watching AMH Freakshow. I imagined dots of various colours & sizes on a background of circus yellow – subtle & to me, right.clown01

So on my walk this past Monday (Aug 1, 2016) when I spotted this box of yard sale un-solds I stopped to take a picture of it. One of the ‘objects’ on my list of things to take pics of is stuff in boxes. I picked the clown for a close up & continued on my way. Then I was drawn back to take the clown. I don’t have any clown memorabilia cluttering my shelves. Plus the colour were spot (or is that dot) on.clown02

Like some of the other pieces in the box it turned out to be a piggy bank. It looked ceramic but was actually paper mache. It had coins in it! I did not check any of the other banks. This was the one that spoke to me. I didn’t take time to shake the money out until I got home.clown03

Seven Mexican $1 coins: 1982, 1993, 1994 (2), 1995, 1997 (2). I make note of the dates because they are all pre-2000. There is a story here. I don’t know if they are still legal currency.clown04This is how the universe often responds to my random longings – not with the direct fulfillment of me finding that clown fabric shirt in a store window at a price I can afford – to be honest $ wouldn’t enter into that equation – but it responds with a sideways opportunity that brings something in my creative life that I wasn’t really looking for – the layers of fun of discovery.clown05

It now sits in my front porch happy at the shoulder of my ultimate creative spirit totem.samp02

a circus memory

Wee Willie 


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