Land of 1000 Dances 

Here I have a more recent addition filed under ‘c’ for Don Covey. It’s one of my favourite types of mp3 compilations that sprawls over genres, decades & performers. It starts with Helen Merrill: a fine well-produced nightclub singer from the 50’s. She covers standards  such as The Masquerade Is Over. This is high-class easy listening. The cd ends with a recent iteration of this style with the Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga ’s Cheek To Cheek. 08.Fabric01In between I have Chris Kenner’s lp: Land of 1,000 Dances – Cannibal and The Headhunters lp Land of 1000 Dances. The title song was a hit for both groups & the lps are sweet, sort of rockabilly, Beach Boys garage band fun. This is how I sometimes find new old music – hunting down a song that I loved as a kid. I remember that title song so clearly but I don’t know whose version I am remembering. 08.Fabric02My Tumblr feed includes posts of lps covers which is how I found Jon & Robin: a mild version of Sonny & Cher: harmless hippy romantics. Another feed introduced me to Don Covay: a nice rocking tenor who had some regional hits (a national hit with Pony Time) & sweet falsetto.08.Fabric031000 Dances made me long for The Gentrys Keep On Dancing which I found as a single & also did discover their self titlde lp of sunny country tinged pop. Here for contrast is Elephants Memory’s Psychedelic Essentials. They appear in the film Midnight Cowboy & on that soundtrack. I did a search this is their only lp which lives up to the title & was well worth finding it.08.Fabric04While I was this on psychedelic bend I added After The Satellite Sings a 1995 release by Bill Nelson – best known, if at all, for his work with BeBop Deluxe. An amazing guitarist, studio engineer, who has maintained a steady career for decades. Similar to David Bowie but with less pr & usually more complex music.



‘Follow me.’ the El’r Ft’hr headed away from the door.

G’th did as he was bid. He had no idea what to expect when he had scaled the walls of the Gl’nth Monastery. No one in his memory had attempted such a thing. They would wait at the either of the shuttered gates for an opportunity to make their pleas or to bring their offerings. Rarely did they glimpse the Br’tern.

The offerings were often ignored. When the Br’tern wanted something or someone they would appear in the dead of night and take what they wanted. No one questioned this. This was the way it was and had been.

No one questioned as it was the Br’tern who produced the sustenance of their lives – the falfa that grew in such abundance within the walls of Gl’nth.

The El’r Ft’hr lead G’th towards the ruins at one end of the enclosure. G’th found the man to be unshaped, unformed, hasty and fearful. He knew his arrival would cause some consternation but all he wanted was what was promised. The reward for the surrender of his ward. The one he knew was now called Brin.

Brin! No name for a man to have. A full word that was foreign in his tongue.

That had been Brin at the window. He was sure of it. No one else would utter his name. But he knew a meeting between them was not to be nor was it what he sought. He wanted his reward. He had waited patiently for it. Sent in his reminder year after year till he knew this was the year for it to be granted.

This year. Brin was now a man that he saw in his brief glimpse. The hairlessness of the El’r Ft’hr  filled him with a curious awe. How did one do that? Shave it off. The thick hair that covered his arms and chest was his pride. How could any man live without such pride, without such warmth?

The air here smelled different too. The fragrant falfa was powerful but there something else in it. No it was something not in it. There was none of the dense moist miasma of  the dank village air. This was clean air. True sunshine played around him.


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