The Bad Queer

In a recent Deliciously Disabled podcast Andrew Gurza talks about not being a top or a bottom & how confusing that is for some folks. Partly because of his physicality he strives to be a sexual being undefined by hetero-normative coding. He’s not androgynous, a-gender or even non-binary – he’s a male sexual entity that enjoys other male sexual entities. In other words he’s a bad queer who refuses to fit any expectations – the fact that he’s disabled & sexual already goes against the grain of desexualizing anyone isn’t standard issue.12box01On gay male cruising sites profiles one is given a set of options for what one is into, desires, positions: top, top versatile, versatile, bottom versatile, bottom. There are now some sites that also allow for trans but haven’t refined that to which direction that trans is taking. Cross dressers can also find a space to check on some sites (though most cross dressers aren’t queer). Vac-pump even gets a nod.12box02Already I have digressed from my original intent – to talk about why I am a bad queer – I’m not a credit to my kind, to my age, to … well, you get the picture. I have been shamed for my lack of sensitivity to factions in the binary gender war for being too cis; by the pro-marriage queers for be sexually active outside of my prime relationship – for not accepting the notion that fidelity a scared, profound & authentic reflection of my ethics – shamed for not letting my age de-sexualize me.12box03I’m even disregarded as a poet because I don’t have enough trauma to justify my even being a writer. Good queers have real childhood abuse issues to authentic their needed for the security of a committed relationship.12box04The need for top, bottom classifications produces its own set of qualifications – if you are a power bottom that is good, masculinity goes unquestioned – in fact there are top who will only fuck masculine rugged he-men who are under forty or at least well-hung — no fats or fems for them. Cock size & age mean little to me – once again I’m the bad queer.

The final mark against me is that I am happy to be me. Good queers are never self-accepting until someone tells them they are good queers.


Being For yOur Benefit

we can’t do this without you

you were the first person we thought of

we love your work

your blog is one of the best

you see things in a totally fresh way

a way that we we want on our stage

in our magazine

it’s for good cause too

we know you’ll want to help

we know this issue speaks to your heart

as it speaks to the hearts

of millions of others

you taking part

will let our cause reach out to even more

people will see you support us

they’ll become your fans too

that’s how it works

this network of support

of mutual care and admiration

this is why we can’t do this without you

please say you’ll be a part of this

worthwhile and important cause

for free

you’ll do it for free

because you are so generous

you don’t need to pay the rent

besides being a part of this

will bring you untold new fans

they’ll buy your work

they’ll make it worth your while

once they’ve made it worth our while

once you say yes

all you have to do

is invite all your friends to the show

to buy the magazine

they’ll be as eager as you to help

this worthy worthy cause

you’ll gain such respect

for giving it away for free

for being so selfless and generous

oh you’re not interested

who the fuck do you think you are

because if you don’t do it for free

it’s clearly not worth paying for

if you don’t think being seen

is worth your time

then you aren’t worth being seen


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June 2-4: attending: Capturing Fire 2017 –


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