Borodin & Other Killer B’s

15.Fabric01When I first picked up a collection of Boccherini’s Guitar Quintets from MHS I was expecting five classical guitarists tackling Spanish dances a la Rodriguez. Instead is was a single guitarist with violins etc. Quaint, relaxing, more renaissance than romantic this a set of chamber pieces. Sedate & not very challenging. That first version buried the guitar. Not that it stands out in this 2CD Philips set either but better sound quality helps. Charming.15.Fabric02Another lp to cd transfer of MHS releases falls under B: for Bochsa: Harp Concerto; Hummel: Trumpet Concerto; Boieldieu: music for harp & orchestra. These are from a couple of lps. All late 1700 early 1800 work for harp or trumpet. I love the harp concertos & these are delightful, not overly frothy or romantic. The harp, at one time, was a require possession for better families & there is a lot of chamber music written for it. The trumpet concerto is easy, relaxing & still performed, almost a war horse.15.Fabric03Next on the shelf is a stand_alone of  Borodin’s string music. I love the sonorities of string quartets – the interplay as the musicians seem to challenge each other to stand firm & clear in the thick, enveloping sound. I also love the melodrama of stirring Russian melody. Emotional, passionate & compelling. Recently added his complete piano music – moody & stunning impressionist work. Plus a best of: including sections of Prince Igor & Symphony 2 – glorious.




The El’r Ft’hr D’br took an abrupt turn on the path through the falfa. There were two unharvested field with a tower in the middle. They headed to that tower. The El’r Ft’hr kept glancing back. G’th knew this was to make sure they weren’t being followed.

The door to the tower opened at D’br’s touch. The sun danced across the silica granite surface sending a sparkle arch of prisms into the air. The darkness inside was cool.

‘Be silent.’

‘Yes sir.’

‘You will be safe here.’

As D’br spoke the room became brighter. The light radiated from the ceiling, from along the walls at intervals. G’th could discern no torches just a soft glow that illuminated the passage way before them

He started to walk.

‘No, not that way.’ D’br directed him toward a stairway that lead up. ‘We must go up to the next floor. The Venerable El’r awaits you. He will be most interested in what you have to say. It has been many years since we have had a visitor from the outside world. Many years.’

The  El’r Ft’hr took G’th to a chamber at the end of a hall. In the centre of the room was a large desk. He touched the surface. It was wood. Real wood. The wall were lined with thick bundles of thin  hand sized sheets that had been been made of falfa.

He pulled out one The sheets of falfa were attached along one edge. Many hundred of them. They flipped in in hands. The sheets were covered with squiggles, outlines of faces.

‘These are books my friend. Books.’

G’th dropped the book he held.

‘Do not be alarmed. We have many things here which are older than our lives but of which we still know so little. You my friend may be one of them.’

The Venerable El’r motioned for G’th to sit.

‘I am the Venerable El’r B’la. We will talk now of your life while you still have it.’


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