For the summer I’m going back to the series of pieces mythologizing my growing up in Cape Breton. Check the Village Stories page for links previous pieces in this series posted in July/August 2014, July/August 2015


I woke in the dark

something   someone

was in my bedroom

a strong whiff of moose

unwashed forest animal smell

decay  shit  water  leaves


I shuddered in the bed

pull the blankets closer to me

in the dark

there was a patch of even darker darker

between me and the window

how could a moose get there

what did it want with me

it stood motionless

breath a slow steady wheeze

the darker dark swung its head toward me

drops of saliva hit my face


my mother had often warned us

that if we were bad

the moose would come to us at night

to musk us in our sleep

take us away into the Whistling Woods


I shrunk into the bed

the covers were yanked from me

in a panic I reach up

pulled the dark onto the bed

not a big as the forest moose

it was heavy

we fell to the floor

hooves pawing at my face

I tried to ride it

but it was too slippery

the smell was foul

the floor was covered with moose shit

as it struggled with me

we slid back and forth

I wondered why the noise

didn’t alert the rest of the family

why didn’t my Dad come to rescue me

the teeth of the moose were thick and dull

each bite on my hip was painful

but didn’t break the skin

it had no antlers

so I figure it was a young moose

small and growing like me


I don’t know how long we wrestled

as the sun came up

its struggle increased

I would not let it go

I would have this to prove to my family

that I was was ready for the adult world

the moose trembled

its strength increased

it grew in size

held me flat with his forelegs

its great nose close to mine

each breath it took pulled the life from me

green musk seeped from its nostrils

I went into a swoon


they found me later that morning

at the edge of the Whistling Woods


bleeding from a bite in my left thigh

my mind was made up

it was time I moved from my village

17blue01What dreams it takes to wake the future! I do have very vivid dreams – nothing quite as active as this one – but one in which I feel something is in the bed, an insect or a snake – dreams that I wake from grasping something in my hands only to find myself squeezing the sheet in my fist.17blue02I loved expanding the power of the mythic moose – the mother’s tale of one taking you away in your sleep. The power of that fear, of the myths that become subtext to our lives even when we realize they were just stories to scare us. Be good or God will get you – Santa’s making a list.

I also enjoy working with Biblical images – Jacob wrestling with the Angel – they wrestle all night Jacob not willing to let go until he is blessed – this ‘wrestle’ runs through many myths. Fighting the dragon to win the treasure is a variation on it. As always the winner is wounded in some way. Jacob’s wound is on his hip, as is my hero’s.17blue03I had fun with the physicality of the wrestling while keeping it very earth bound with smells, the feeling of size & fur. I guess a bit of Nightmare on Elm street seeped in as well. All too often in movies though the dream sequence is revealed to be a dream, here it is revealed to be real though one isn’t sure what parts of it were real. Did my hero sleep walk? Or was he transported by the myth of the moose to the edge of the Whistling Woods. My hero’s blessing was escape.17blue04It wasn’t a dream that made me decided to leave the east coast but more a sense of suffocating in a culture that offered no place for poor little queer me. This year in Sydney the city painted rainbows in crosswalks as part of gay pride celebrations. Progress happens. soon

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