Freeing the Nanowrimo Muses

It’s approximately 74 days to the kick off for Nanowrimo 2016. This year I hope to finish the first draft of Picture Perfect. Standing at about 140,000 now it has already taken on a life of its own. Giving myself permission to write without worry has allowed to become more of a ramble a la Roberto Bolano, as opposed to a precise mystery a la Christie.19box01

Thanks to blogging what gets cut doesn’t get lost – it just become blog posts to show the brilliant scenes I sacrificed for clarity. I have several plot threads to follow up, develop or cut before I start in. Each of which is strong enough for a mystery of its own: the Montreal porn industry of the 70’s/80’s; the snake handlers cult; the Maritime Circus Museum; plus of course my main plots. Missing children, my hero’s business & personal life.19box02So far I’ve been good at creating suspense, mystery with clues, plot twists & diversions – I know all diversions need to be tied back into the main thrust of things – if they can’t be they’ll get cut. Creating tension is the issue. The sense of threat, personal danger for my hero that comes from the case that he is investigating – from someone with something to protect. A something more emotionally satisfying & separate from my hero’s discoveries about his Dad’s porn involvement.

This year I bring an altered attitude to the process. This need to make the story logical, to make every word & scene count in some sort of hero’s journey that brings the readers to a sense of complete & our hero to a sense of change is geared to the reader. I’m letting go of that reader, or any reader in fact. I’m going let this story go where it wants to with a few nudges from me, not with any reader’s expectation as the nudge.19box03This past summer I read an excellent book on the publishing industry – it gave a fair-minded, sufficiently detailed picture of how the industry end of things works – none of it is geared to make $ for the writer. Fuck we now have to pay for our own proof readers, for some presses have to do our own type setting, have to prove we have the self-promotion chops to sell the book, that we are willing, in fact to do all that while writing yet another product for them to give us permission to sell. Frankly I’m not interested in any of that – sure selling books would be sweet but not if I have to spend three hours a day is self-promotion & expect to have the energy to write. 19box04

The changed attitude is that I’m just going tell the story, do typo editing & maybe create a PDF file for people to read after I’ve blogged it here. I don’t even have the interest in reformatting it so that it is suitable for smashwords.  In the new year be prepared for the ‘appearance’ of Lazarus Kiss – my first Nano novel ramble.


#Friend Me

you never answer my texts

he texts me

why not

he wants to be a friend

to know what I’m up to

one day the texts came so fast

he didn’t know

which one I was replying to

when in fact

I didn’t want to reply to any

it was a waste of my time

plus I hate texting & walking

it was none of his business

what I was up to

at any given moment


he wanted to made sure

I wasn’t having sex

when I wasn’t even having sex with him


he wanted to be my friend

I wasn’t sure why

we had little in common

other than being male

we’d met twice face to face

which was enough for me

and he built on that

even as I made it clear I wasn’t interested

after the flurry of texts

to set up that first meeting

after which I knew I wasn’t interested


I am not suspicious by nature

but I value my privacy

there is nothing worth discovering

no trade secrets

no best-seller plots to pirate

he wants something

I’m not sure what it is

nor do I care to find outsoon02

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