Few lp covers are as iconic as the psychedelic Disraeli Gears or the printed on silver, Wheels of Fire by the equally iconic Cream. I had to double-check that there is no ‘the.’ I have these now as stand alone cds along with Fresh & the 2005 reunion at Albert Hall. Tucked away on an mp3 collection is Goodbye.Fabric & furI had them all (except the reunion) as actual lps back in the day. Eric Clapton was already an idol for some of my blues friends who were a bit disappointed in the pop musicality of the first release. It didn’t bother me. I loved Jack Bruce’s voice, was amazed that a trio could sound so full & dug the ancient Ginger Baker as a drummer. Though then (& now) I found his drum solos a tad self-indulgent. I would lift the needle to skip the solo in Toad. Fresh was also may first real exposure to blues fabricWhen Disraeli Gears exploded I instantly knew what l.s.d meant musically. The wah-wah work, the fractured imagery of the lyrics were inspiring. The fashion was to be longed for. I have the deluxe 2 CD release. I love the live BBC stuff but find the mono version unnecessary. I’m not such a sound purist.  When Wheels of Fire hit the cover art was astounding. But now they were a major super band without needing major teen mag promo. In fact they never became teen idols. Clapton was too serious, Baker way too scary & Bruce not interested. They were a band, more than many, that built a reputation on their music chops, not their teen appeal or even their pop sensibility.

Drugs & creative difference pulled the band apart. I don’t think they expected to be a huge as they became & didn’t know where to go with their popularity. The farewell Goodbye was more of a toss off than an lp. A bit of a mess in fact, but a fitting mess. Their live tracks on Fire & Goodbye show the band for what they were: a solid blues trio. The BBC tracks show them as good duplicators of album cuts but never let them stretch cushionI was grateful that they resisted the push to reunite for several decades. Each has had solo careers. Clapton’s being the most successful. Baker has a jazz following & the Airforce group work is fun if a bit rambling too.

The reunion that lead to the Albert Hall 2005 double cd came at the right time. They were all adult musicians exploring their past as opposed to egos trying to prove something. Bruce sings well, his voice matured sweetly. Baker has amazing stamina. Clapton, as some say, might be God. Here he proves it without the need to show off in the fabric

Looking back at them I realize one of things I enjoyed was the fact they didn’t caught up trends of the time. They didn’t pander to teen pop sensibilities, didn’t get caught up in Tolkien imagery, folk protest, Sabbath like dark brooding. Fine blues musicians who didn’t sink into that style but expanded & then exploded & moved on when they felt they were done.



Venerable El’r  B’la studied the hulking man who stood in the centre of his study. A room that made the br’thra and ac’lytes small was made small by the presence of this man.

‘So you have come for your reward.’

‘Yes Most Venerable Father.’

The man’s face broke into a wide grin. The white of his teeth was a sharp contract to his ruddy complexion. The thick beard around them parted easily. Bl’a wanted to reach out and stroke that beard, to run his hands across the hair on the man’s chest.

‘You realize that your appearance has caused some ripples in our usually tranquil life.’

‘Appearance?” G’th pulled his tunic closer.

‘No, no that that. I mean your arrival here. We do not see many of the from the outside world here in the inner fields. A very rare occurrence. Much is done to prevent this.’

‘My reward?’

‘I’ll come to that.’ Bl’a saw that to explain further was pointless. The man couldn’t comprehend the complexities of life here and was too long outside the walls to even begin to understand. He felt it a shame that the reward would be a disappointment. Death was always a disappointment.

‘May I see your hand?’

G’th placed his large hand on the desk. The Venerable El’r took in gingerly into his two hands. G’th hand was heavy, the back lightly haired. He turned it over. He marvelled at the strength it conveyed. The heavy reality of it.

‘This will not hurt.’ Bl’a jabbed the palm with a silver shaft. It drew blood and skin. ‘This will be analyzed to confirm your connection with the one in question. That didn’t hurt did it?’

‘No Father. ‘ G’th wanted to pull his hand back but the Venerable El’r held it. A pleasant sense of comfort to be held with such gentleness infused G’th. He had never been touched so by another. He found himself  aroused by this touch.

The Venerable El’r released him. ‘It will take a few minutes for the analysis to be complete.’

G’th tugged at his leggings to loosen the rapid constriction at his groin.

‘What will be my reward.’soon

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