Creedence Clearwater Revival – was a ‘real’ band – not soft rock, not druggie rock, not British but 100% red-blooded USA. One could be a fan without feeling defensive or categorized for liking them. Everyone dug them. At least until I got bored of Proud Mary & couldn’t bear to hear it one more time by one more singer – Tom Jones! please, no.29.Frabic01I can remember dancing to Suzie Q & not wanting the beat to end. I don’t think I heard it though until after they hit hit parade dominance with songs like Born on The Bayou, Lodi. At one time I had the the Bayou Country & Green River lps then moved on because their sound didn’t progress & was too basic for me. 29.Frabic02A few years later the local Cape Breton band I ran lights for highlighted one set of CCR material & I grew to hate it Lodi in particular & still have little fondness for it, ditto Proud Mary. As I result I divested of what I owned. Lived, listened happily enough with out it. When my Dad died in early 2000’s & I visited home the following summer I was given his cd collection, which included a double cd of CCR’s hits. Most of which I enjoyed a fair bit.

Then I came across a cheap mp3 set of their 8 lps CCR, Bayou Country, Green River, Willy & The Poor Boys, Cosmo’s Factory, Pendulum, Mardi Gras – no bonus tracks, out takes – just the lps. I like the bulk of it. I’ve read about the creative ups & downs, the conflict with their record company (who sued Fogarty for plagiarism for copying his own guitar style in his later career.)29.Frabic03The first 6 lps are chock full of great music, harmonies & memories. The last two are bogged down with fulfilling a record contract & also an attempt to broaden their sound. Interesting enough. 29.Frabic04To round on this mp3 collection I added Crowbar: Bad Manors; Biscuit Boy: Official Music – a pari of Canadian bands working a similar musical vein to CCR – bluesy, almost pub rock. Oh What A Feeling was huge hit for Crowbar but they never managed to follow it up. Biscuit Boy is a harp player featured on the Crowbar lp. All perfect music for the next bad moon.



Venerable El’r  B’la stood on the dais. He looked up at the dozen or so other Venerable El’r in the forum. So few, so few, once there had been nearly fifty of them.

‘Venerable El’rs a situation has arisen which taxes our spiritual resource to the extreme. An outsider has penetrated our sacred fields.’

‘There is only one recourse.’ Venerable El’r J’ds called out.

‘As I thought my friend, as I thought. But it is not as simple as that. He has the Spark.’

Venerable El’r  B’la held up the tissue sample he had taken from G’th a few hours earlier.

‘We cannot damage one who carries this., You know that over rules all other Codixles.’

‘It does not B’la. It cannot. Outsiders are outsiders. That is also one codixle that cannot be tampered with.’

‘Then my friends, you well see what my, what our, conundrum is. To damage the Spark is to tamper with the Knot. Is it not so said?’

‘You must be mistaken. We must do the test again and again to make sure.’

‘None of us have ever questioned the reliability of the test. If you did, none of us would be here today. Would we? If this man is to be tested and retested, so must we all.’



‘B’la you do not know the full implication of  what you are suggesting.’

‘J’ds, old friend, please. This will not advance our task. We must take this opportunity to form the Mind Quorom.’

‘Yes. Yes by all means let us do that.’

One by one the Venerable El’rs left their seats. They knelt together in a circle on the cold stone floor and reached out to join hands. B’la hummed a low note and each El’r joined in turn till were blended together into the wind frequency, the hushed note that was produced by the breeze as it moved through the falfa.

Overhead an orb of pale yellow light appeared and descended. As it encompassed them the hum ended. Their bodies became translucent and then invisible.


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