#FanExpo 2016

02expo16I came, I walked, I shopped 🙂 I saw celebs (from a distance) even took a long shot of the real stars of AmHor Freakshow. But the only tee I ended up with was the official Expo limited (to how many they could sell) tee-shirt. Two hours Thursday, three hours Friday & I pretty much had my fill of dodging bay carriages, cosplay impromptu photo session in the middle of narrow retail aisles. By 1 pm Friday even shopping became a hazard as it was impossible to stop long enough in front of a spot to buy something with the pressure of people pushing you along so they could also not buy something.03expo16The scariest part (so far) was the continuing mess at Union Station. I hear it’ll be ready for the next Olympics in Toronto. I’m surprised no one has used it yet as set for their low-budget slasher film. all those hoardings are ripe for blood spatter & the newly narrower platforms are perfect for that accidental nudge.04expo16New FanExpo trends: customized hard-shell luggage – with logos & colours of your fave: Wonder Woman, My Little Pony, Iron Man – you get the picture. I’m sure it make it easier to spot on a luggage carousel but calls even more attention to it than you might want. Other trend: mystery boxes only $35 for $50 worth of merchandise – come on! Now if it were $35 for $100 worth of crap that hasn’t been sold for the past year I might think yeah.01expo16The horror zone – or should I call it Game Of Thrones Central (since when is Thrones horror anyway?) – was over run with swords & a heaping helping of Walking Dead. I suppose there is no other current horror franchise – more American Horror Show would have been great to see there – HMV didn’t even have the box sets of past seasons, wtf. Each year it becomes harder to find ‘old school’ – too much Hunger Games & no Bride of Frankenstein.05expo16I did annoy several of the comic book retailers by asking if they had any Katy Keene – one of them did know who it was. Not that expected her to show up here anyway. I did buy another Godzilla action figure – travel size this time 🙂 (http://wp.me/p1RtxU-16x)

rough draft sample

The Scope of Things

Dave got a telescope for his thirteenth birthday

it needed a tripod to hold it up

if the screws weren’t tight enough

the heavy head would drift down

he showed me how to focus on stars

the faces of the moon

people’s roofs living rooms

to see what they were watching on TV

prying spying was sneaky fun

when we looked at the Milky Way

I would hum the Star Trek theme

we made notes of constellations nebulas

when we came to Earth

we had no guides for these creatures

we observed from our ufo

as it hovered unseen over their homes

peering into their windows

as they shuffled from living room to kitchen

sat on the floor to eat chocolate ice cream

directly from the carton

scratched their private parts

which was about as exciting

as those dull Earthlings ever got

never found an open bedroom curtain

for some flash of undressed flesh

for my thirteenth birthday

I got a microscope

to prepare me for science in school

I made slides of hair spit

Dave and I took turns looking at trapped squiggles

water had uncountable live darters

snot was creepy

our shit swarmed with so many  things

I had to wash and wash afterward

we tried the microscope through the telescope

puzzled by things so far

we couldn’t touch them

so small we couldn’t feel them

wondering where did we fit in


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