Ron Carter Plus

Ron Carter is there gold standard for jazz bass players – as a much sought after studio player (the most recorded jazz bassist in history) or a band member. He played with the greats on so many jazz masterpieces he never had time for a major solo career. But I do have some of his solo outings; Jazz & Samba; Red & Green; My Romance.05greendoor01I have his side work with Davis, Hancock & too many more to list. More than dependable he brought a real creative energy to his playing & the material he worked with without dominating or out-shining the lead player. He’s as adventurous as, say, Coltrane on Yellow & Green. If you want something more challenging than Kenny G but not as wild as Cecil Taylor Ron Carter is for you.05mirrordoor02Next to him on the Jazz shelf is Susan Ciani – this is new age instrumental, not jazz. On on mp3 collection is Velocity; Hotel Luna; Silver Ship; along with Enigma; Johannes Schmoelling: Richard Warner; Azuma Kabuki: & Brian Jones’s Jajouka. On a Paul Horn mp3 collection are her Seven Waves; Neverland; History of My Heart.05whitedoor03Ciani creates musical tapestries, often woven with specific sonics that sooth, stimulate gently & lead to tranquility. Masterful engineering helps too. Perfect for mediation, massage or making out. Keyboard oriented with electronica washes & sound fx. I was introduced to her way bak in the 90’s when I was helping a mediation group at ACT. I sort of inherited all of these this way.05whitedoor04Without her there’d be no Enigma MCMXC which brought new age to the top ten for a brief time. Ambient without being intrusive. Richard Warner is similar, highly recommended by me for anyone looking for mediation music. Japanese flute & electronic detailing. This is sublime restful music that never gets boring. Schmoelling’s  (out of Tangerine Dream) Wuivend Riet is similar. I had the cassette for years & was happy to find the mp3 to replace it. More divine soothing work. I added Brian Jones’s Jajouka – interesting & hypnotic this is a legendary recording that lives up to its reputation, but without Jones’s name attached it would be just another fine world music artifact.



‘It is not a question of belief, Brin, but of acceptance.’

‘Singa I know that, but at times it was hard to ignore my senses and now that I do, I just just don’t know what to believe and what to accept.’

‘Now you are talking in riddles.’

‘I mean the image seeds. Now that I have found a way to push them aside I question when and what reality is. Is this moment real or a seed? Do I have to push everything aside to test it? Am I now to be constantly on guard to protect me or you?’

‘I can protect myself.’

‘I don’t even know how real you are. Are you Singa or a very complex image seed that I haven’t tested?’

‘You have tested me.’

Brin knew Singa was referring to the falfa fires that had trapped them in the fields behind the west pagoda.

‘Those fires were real.’

‘Yes . Yes. Thank you Singa. Yes. That’s what I need. A key. Memory cannot be planted.’

‘But it can be uprooted.’

‘But why. I have never been able to figure out why when we are brought here into Gln’th the El’rs remove all past memories.’

‘Perhaps they need a new fields to sow.’

‘How was I spared that?’

‘I don’t think you were spared. The process didn’t work on you. Brin you know as well as any of us that you have been the exception. The first to fly, the only one to pit his mind against that of the El’rs.’

‘But that has only been in fun. I thought that was what all of us did. Wrestle with the mind to stretch it.’

‘It is but so far none has accomplished what you have.’

‘Not that we know of. After all we still have to find any records of life here before our arrival. Nothing even on the El’rs.’

‘We will. I know we will. Could be that is just a seed too? That the information is there but is somehow protected so that when we look to see it, we don’t!’

‘Singa you might be on to something there. Let’s go down to Records and see.’

‘You think we should? There must be reason for this.’

‘If there is, I doubt if even the El’rs know what that reason is. They have become so obsessed with the Knot they have lost contact with what it ties up.’

‘You think we’re the ones to untie The Knot?’

‘If we aren’t, we are the ones ready to look at it as none have yet.’

‘None that we know of.’

A shiver run up Brin’s spine as they stepped into the Hall of Records.


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