#Prompts of Power

sampSomeone in my Tumblr posted one of the 48 Laws of Power. I love lists of things. I love writing to prompts. These laws are, on the surface, prosaic & unemotional – set out as one of those formulas for business success – not for personal relationships. I found a site that listed all of them, cut & paste the list & started writing. The first was January 4 & I finished the last one recently.01.ropeI have been posting rough draft versions of them on Thursdays, then a couple of months later started including a more edited version in my Friday blogs. I’ve enjoyed the process & have produced some good pieces, some great pieces & some so-so – I’m not a good judge though as some have found the so-so to be amazing.02.ropeI didn’t set out to write a commentary or expansion on any of the laws merely let it suggest something, spark a train of thought. In some cases what was going on in my life, in the world was filtered through the law of the moment. I didn’t attempt to restrict or limit where the park took me even if it seemed to have nothing to do with the law.03.ropeSome were more difficult to work with & would take two or three days before I felt I wanted to tackle them. I write in the morning after checking email. I would read the law & let it simmer ten or twenty minutes while I did other things then jump in fingers flailing away at the keyboard.04.ropeNot all were successes either, at least not to me, though when I posted them, the ones I felt didn’t hold up got lots of likes – like most writers I can be a bad judge of my own work. I’m not going to hold back any of the missed attempts though – so I write crap – who cares anyway? I’ve given myself enough rope to show you how well hung I am. samples


shall I compare thee to a hand

severed from a corpse

an unidentified left hand

isolated insulated in ice

not yet murky with drifting pinks

lit from below by a cool blue

as blue as your eyes

when you concede

that even though you are right

you will never get your way

so this wild wound

will howl at the afternoon sun

fearful of losing its shadow

in the comfort of my affectionsoon

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