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Another season of SYTYCD crowns this year’s favourite dancer – the judges stress there are no losers, how proud they are of each of the dancers etc etc etc but I wouldn’t want to be the grief counsellor for the the top three who don’t get crowned. It’s always a matter of personality in the long run but talent sure can help & the top four had lots of both. The winner Kida was no exception but he didn’t amazed me until his AfroJazz routine to Din Din Da Da. 13-pinkhat-01The judges favourite routines came as no surprise. For me they begin to blur into those momentary isolation locks, or hands reaching out for some distant ideal, or eyes peering at that same ideal, or a small fry being tossed round by their partner like a feathered boa. The competitors all delivered in any genre they were challenged with even when they didn’t quite get the finer points of say, ballroom technique. 13-blackmonkey-03As usual Can Dance introduces me to lots of fine music. Shawn McDonald’s Over the Rainbow reinvented that song, as did Sarah Vaughn’s take on Send In The Clown; DaDaDa was reinvigorated by Kevin Aviance’s take on it; Son Lux ‘You Don’t Own Me’ wow. I’m surprised there isn’t an annual compilation cd of the music or at least an iTunes site devoted just to the music so one doesn’t have to search for it after putting the show on pause just to write down the name of the song & the performer.13-blackshoe-03I enjoyed many things about this season. The next generation was a smart idea to refresh the show and I hope they got the audience numbers for another season. I love seeing the all-stars; Can Dance, the the Food Network, gives its past contestants lots of work even if they lose their particular season. I really like the episode where the kids did the choreography.


I did get tired of the same judges every week. I suppose that was financial decision. But I missed Mary Murphy (none of these kids could be put on the tamale train I suppose). Toni Basil was probably too old school scary for this next generation. Reinventing the show can’t be easy. What next – the Geritol Generation?

sampleDancing and Necking

Lorna and I

moved around each other

to the push-n-shove of rock-n-roll

she was 14 and I was 15

that we were awkward didn’t matter

we were happy

as long as there was distance between us

at the first waltz we sat in the bleachers

after it was over

she pulled me into the dance

where we made windmills to the music


the boys not dancing

feigned a disdain of everything

they claimed to want to get some chick

outside into their Dad’s cars

Lorna and I laughed at them

as we caught our breath between songs

when another waltz came up

she pulled me tight to her

she smelled of roses

put her head on my shoulder

just like a song

I could feel her heartbeat

as we turned in small circles

her breasts pressed into me

my hand moved along her warm back

felt her bra strap

the mystery of undergarments

her head moved into my damp neck

I was startled when she licked my ear


I turned my face to hers

before I knew it we were kissing

turning in small circles

her tongue in my mouth

mine dizzy in hers

and I sighed

finally doing something

to prove that I was as much a guy

as those boys

who would never take

me out to their Dads’ carssoon

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