A Chorus Line

I was looking forward to the Festival’s production of A Chorus Line & was not disappointed. The singing was fantastic, the dancing was good to superb, the staging was solid (if not inventive) & the orchestra was excellent. No wigs or elaborate costumes to distract from the emotional core of the piece until the gold lame & sequins hit the stage for the big finale.17-stratsky03Donna Feore handles a large cast well – each performer comes across as a distinct character – even those who merely dance in the audition scene than opens the show. Nearly 20 men & women on the stage at one time who kick-ball-change, jette, spin at the same time without bumping into each other. Fast paced, dynamic & tireless while also singing, doing monologues and projecting without pulling focus – amazing & breathtaking work.17-stratsky04The emotional substance of the text is still relevant today even with the advances in gay rights people coming out are still being rejected by their families. But at the time these were brave words to present on stage. To pick out a particular monologue or performer is unfair as each of the performers give satisfying & real performances. As the text covers a wide range of types I was somewhat disappointed there were no lesbian show girls.17-stratpicnic01I did enjoy Ayrin Mackie as Shelia & Matt Alfano as Mike. Matt’s tap routine was, for me, one of the solo dance highlights of the show. The choreography was solid, much of it dictated by the actual text so Donna was somewhat constrained & as such the dancing was of the early 70’s period when the show was first produced. Stalwart as opposed to inventive. The one routine that didn’t work for me was Cassie’s big number: a five minute routine that seemed like twenty. There was more energy in the music & lighting than in the steps – what it needed was a dash of Travis Wall (So You Think You Can Dance?) to elevate it. What I Did For Love was sublime & there was crying in the aisles.17-stratpicnic02This is one singular production that I would highly recommend. The other Festival productions I saw this season are:  A Little Night Music: http://wp.me/p1RtxU-1Rn; The Hypochondriac: http://wp.me/p1RtxU-1X6


Angel Spoons

Angel spoons

tap the soles of my feet

the spoons have stirred coffee

so they are warm   sweet

sugar flows up through me

sings a little song

under every word I speak

gives them a little tingle

of the dance of the clouds

of the java of hava a good day

hava a good time

become a friend of mine

as we can dance together

while angel spoons play

the way we see the world

the still the twirled

the rapid the desired

the quick of fire

sleek of the stream cup

the liquorice tango tangle

that wraps us black   red

on and off the bed

the zig zag zip that locks us

into a cascading tinkle of spoons

on the roof of our mouths

dangles off the eaves of the night

trapping and romancing

the streetlight

the ginger cat fragrance

of fresh brewed mood

the moon reflects so small

off the golden toe nails

of the jangling moments


angel spoons echo

through the time left

to get from the night to the day

they giggle with play

insinuate into the silence

with their small silver chime

I hear a faint near jingle

reflect darting glints

over the faces of the dancing people

suspended inches over the ground

swirling twirling shirts shirts

fleshy fragrant

breathing revolving

the happy tappy grace

angel spoons nudge us in circles

like coffee

warm sweet

wishing the well to one and all

sprawling calling

recalling the tickle in the blood

that means prayers have been answered

our soaring spirits aren’t sore footed

from glancing off the sun

to bridge the gap between

the tinkle and the ear

the click strum of spoons

on the palm

carries a message

drops us back into the endless fold

where we can enjoy

angel spoons

tapping on the soles of our feet


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