#Cruisin’ Through Time

Next up is the Cruisin’ series of lps that recreated, from actual tapes the times, rock’n’roll radio shows – each year with its own lp from 1955 to 1970. (http://leemichaelwithers.tripod.com/cruisin.htm). I had some of the original lps issues but replaced them with mp3s when I found set of the entire series. I spaced them out over 3 cds. I love the music in historical context, the radio ads of the times, the political climate, as well as real weather reports. The mp3 contents differs from lps due to song rights.19glassdoor03

Moving from the doo-wop era to the Nam war protest era. On the first CD are years 55/56/57/58/59. To which I added Birth of Rock: early Phil Spectre; The Four Seasons Best of: Valle’s falsetto in monumental & Walk Like A Man, Big Girls Don’t Cry are classics. Moonglows sweet doo-wop harmonies; the same with the Five Satins. All of whom appear in these first radio recordings too.19blackdoor04On the next is years 60/61/62/63/64/65. I rounded this out with a compilation of Kim Fowley: a seminal rock figure who is too easily forgotten – he started as a Hollywood Argyle with the unforgettable Alley Oop. His life story & music deserves a Broadway production if not a movie & needs more space than I can give him. The Wikipedia article is excellent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Fowley. To this I added some Flash Cadillac: excellent 60’s style rock.19whitedoor01The final CD covers: 66/67/68/69/70. This was my prime radio listening time. So may of these songs bring back memories of waiting a phone to ring while pretending to do my homework but really writing a bad poem. To this I added best of the Turtles for the retro Cali sound; more Flash Cadillac; their Sons of a Beach is the best Beach Boys album the Beach Biys never recorded. Finally out of Australia: Daddy Cool – a down-under band full of that rock fever with new (at the time) songs than could have been recorded back in the day. 19whitedoor02These are great cds for long drives – miles & miles going through years of music – moving though space & time. The perfect comic book style Crusin’ covers tell a story that advances from year to year too. It’s a brilliant series that captures the USA better than anything else I’ve come across. I say USA as all the stations are American so one gets a real grass-roots radio sense of those times. sample


Brin was lifted into the air by the force of the lightening. He expected to be crushed against the wall or the floor but instead found himself plunged into a fine mist. His hands disintegrated into separate molecules before his eyes. His body became tiny beads that spun away in all directions and then reformed into the pattern of his body. Only now his body was grains of sand.

‘What is happening.’ his question boomed and softened, echoed and fell flat.

‘I don’t know?’ came Singa’s reply. The monitor was still working!

‘Have no fear.’ a voice spoke from behind Brin.

Brin attempted to turn around but couldn’t.

‘Who is it? Who is there?’

‘Have no fear.’ the voice repeated.

Brin stilled his mind. He found memory of calm. A day when he and Singa had sat in the midst of fresh falfa and listened to the cl’k bt’ls fly over head.

‘Very good.’ the figured appeared before him. ‘I am the Heartless One. The One to whom all is owed and to whom all returns.’

‘God! Are you God?’

‘Brin this is not the time for such tautological discussion. Theological abstractions will be of little use to you now or to the Earth.’

‘You are the Time Keeper.’

‘I told you who I am. The Heartless  One. You just listen to me now. I have three messages for you to bring back. If the world heeds these messages hope remains.’

‘If not?”

‘That is not my worry after all I am the Heartless One. The first message is to open the walls. Time has stopped and the only way to start it again is to open the walls. In doing so they must consecrate the lives of all to the immaculate heart of life. That is the second message.’

‘Immaculate heart? I don’t understand.’

‘You don’t have to understand. You just have to carry these messages.’

‘And third message?’

Heartless One’s breath was warm in Brin’s ear as he whispered the third message.

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