Aw Shucks


Aw Shucks

it wasn’t as if I did it on purpose

I wasn’t looking to out do anyone

except perhaps myself

what’s the point being accomplished

if you have to always be mindful

of those who hold power over you

who become so defensive

that anyone else’s accomplishments

are threats

it wasn’t as if I did it on purpose

I just didn’t know well enough

to to keep that to myself

I should have said

‘aw shucks

I’m still catching up to you’


‘I owe it all to others –

gifted teachers

result in good students’

nope I had to say


I’m amazed at myself too’

I didn’t reflect light back on them

my bad

them resentful

wielding their influence

to keep me in my place

to teach me a lesson

that no matter how good I think I am

how good they say I am

I am nothing

until they say so

and they never say

I outshine them21blackchair02This first prompt took three tries before I felt I’d dealt with it sufficiently. Because it was the first one I also wanted to get used to applying these business concepts to non-business. I don’t think any of the three is a great success because I don’t mind outshining if that should or even happens.21blackchair01So the semi-apologetic stance in each of them lacks conviction. That stance comes from the need to appear humble – for some reason to appear confidence, self-assured & aware comes cross to many as arrogance & egotism. Humble is seen as being more authentic than confidence is.21woodchair03In reading this attempt it also reflects my impatience with TV ‘reality’ competition shows in which the contestants are always striving to make their families proud, competing for their spouses – rarely does anyone say I want to win because I am the best. Winning for the sake of winning just isn’t humble – it has to be for the memory of your dad who recently died of cancer.21woodchair04There’s also a sense of how much credit do you give others – as in using these Laws as prompts – I’m sure grateful for Green for putting this list together – do I have to reach back to acknowledge Machiavelli too? Because these owe a lot to that history  – where does Shakespeare come in for his bow (that is if he’s responsible for his works). Everything comes from somewhere – this is my take (or mis-take) on things & ultimately can be credited only to my brain cells firing at a given time & place.  Ah shucks t’wern’t nothin’.soon

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