For many years I had a sprinkling of Brahms in my collection – the Hungarian dances, a couple of the Symphonies, the piano sonatas. Some were lp to cd transfers. I decided it was time to fill in the blanks, as it were to get all the symphonies & up grade the the sonatas to ‘crisper’ versions. The lps transfers retain that needle on wax sound, which is some cases in fine, but here I wanted a cleaner sound.26glassdoor03So I did a look on iTunes & found, as a reasonable price, the complete Brahms – by complete I mean everything! All the choral music – there is untold quantities of that alone. Plus all the solo piano music, symphonies, concertos, lieder, dances & oh my. I went from a few hours of Brahms to endless days. 26glassdoor04These are spread over seven mp3 collections. Each grouped around a particular set: i.e. one with all the symphonies then choral music added to fill things out. I like choral music but only so much at a time 🙂 Plus a stand alone of the Hungarian Dances.26greendoor01Where to begin? Let’s start by saying here’s more to his compositions than a lullaby 🙂 The piano music is romantic, the symphonies are profoundly spiritual & emotionally resonant without the over-wroughtness of his piano music. The choral music is sweet, some light some religious & relaxing in small doses, sleep inducing in large doses. 26whitedoor02I would recommend the Symphonies & the piano music to anyone looking for accessible classical music but the complete work isn’t for causal listeners who are satisfied with a lullaby or two but for fanatics like me.


The Falfa Sutras

101: As the sun crests the first morning after the autumn moon, seeds shall be carried to the altar of Gl’nth for sacrifice and purification.

102: A time will come when there is no time. Be not afraid but use this opportunity to reflect on the small things that bring the great joy. Do not left grief entrap you with it disguises of futility or hopelessness.

103: Spring brings the promise of new crops. Only sow the seeds if they have be blessed by the grace of all present. The hum shall not spare them from the Knot.

104: Keep the way clear between the pagodas. Nothing is more disruptive than something out of place on these important paths. Also with the paths of one’s thinking, they must be kept clear of all distractions or the shining hope of falfa shall not be planted deep enough.

105: With the coming of rain let there be rejoicing.

106: Once an ac’lyte reaches the twenty-first year within the tempered walls of our blessing they shall be brought forth for the ceremony of cleansing, all that remains of their pasts shall be stripped away so they can be fresh and innocent for the future.

107: Those that teach the ac’lytes will not fill the role of any other than that role.

108: Memory of the past is unwelcome, a distraction, not that one forgets the wheel but its history is not relevant to the moment. Stay in the moment and life will be reborn as the falfa is reborn each spring.

109: The flame that burns brightest often causes more harm than cure.

110: When night is darkest is when the mind is brightest.

111: The outsider has no place on the inside. If the walls have been breached the sacred power of falfa must be purified by sacrifice and cleansing.

112: The secrets that remain must remain secrets. He who allows his mind to dwell on them has put distractions into his own path. Keep the mind clear so the falfa may remain pure and strong.

113: The hum of time will always be heard when it needs to be heard. The join of hands allows the hum to reach the roots that grow and with that growth the future will continue. Without it the hum is a hollow vessel that fills no heart.

114: Find the silent spot for reflection. There is a time for this silence and the wonder of it that with silence it the hum cannot be heard.

115: The hearts that falfa binds cannot be cut asunder, cannot be blocked by image seeds nor threatened by any distractions. Those that try will find their own roots weakened in the attempt. Purity can rediscovered only through the grace of time.soon


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