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John Waters has incredible music taste so the soundtracks from his movies are full of rare (now not to rare) tracks & original music. Cry-Baby was one of the less underground of his many films. Giving Johnny Depp one of his early breaks it’s a fun variation on the traditional Elvis movie.03-crystal-03I love being immersed in a time & location the way this soundtrack does – similar to the Cruisn’ series – it takes me to place I’d never get the chance to experience otherwise. Do-whop & rock-a-billy, sweet  barber shop together plus some new (at the time) songs by the likes of Rachel Sweet (what ever happened to her?). A great collection that you don’t need to see the movie to enjoy.03-crystal-01On the shelf beside Cry-Baby is Culture Club’s Kissing To Be Clever – a recent addition stand-alone – I have the hits in an mp3 collection. I clearly remember hearing White Boy/White Boys Can’t Control It at an after-hours bash at the Rivoli here in Toronto way back in the early 80’s – the dj had brought with him from the UK before Club was released in North America – before Boy George became an international sensation. I thought this is fucking awesome – totally out queer & danceable.03-snowlightIt was months before the lp was here & by then the tidal wave had swamped MTV. The makeup, the hair, the amazing voice. Then they were so popular they became a product not a group. I had that first lp & loved it but resisted the tide of the rest – too top 10 for me. Odd how The Church of the Poisoned Mind that was so cutting edge is now sweet nostalgia. 03-crystal-02I have this as a stand-alone because it was unavailable on iTunes! Ordered it from Amazon. It brings back memories of dead friends (murdered by HIV meds) & my early years in Toronto. The hits collection is solid, the music is amazingly engineered. Boy George continues to record & show up on Project Runway in ridiculous hats. His recent cd This Is What I Do is sweet, solid pop music. His make up has become less dramatic too. sampleNaive

When the falfa is ready for r’ping one can hear the rattle of the ripe seeds in the brown pods. There are usually two or three pods on the tips of each of the stalks. These pods must be removed before the actual cutting of the falfa begins.

The pods are to brought to the Culcator Oasts to be properly dried, cleansed and sanctified. Once this has been done they are ready to be opened. Inside each pod can be up to a dozen seeds. These are to be sorted by hand and eye. The blessed eye can tell the difference between the various seed types:

The Mature : these are hard, round and a very dark green, almost black. There is one or two small white spots on these that will catch the eye. They are hard to the touch. These seeds can be ground for flour for baking or steeped in rainwater to make the fragrant sacramental wine.

The Temperate: these are brown and often misshapen. They feel to the hand like a dry leaf and can be eaten as they are. The effect produced is a mild tingle on the tongue. They can be further dried and ground to make a variety of useful compounds: inks, glues and tea.

The Naive: these are the smallest of the seeds. A light green to the eye and soft to the touch. When squeezed flat they expand back to their perfect oval shapes. These are the seeds to be stored for planting.

The stalks of the falfa are to be cut once the seed pods have been removed. They should be cut as close to ground level as possible. Avoid disturbing the roots. These root systems link all the falfa together, conduct nutrients through the soil to new plants and hold the soil itself together. Once the stalk is cut the leaves can be stripped off. The paler the leaf the more tender it is. The tender leaves are used in cooking, the darker leaves are used to make cloth, scatter rugs and even utensils.soon

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October  6 – Thursday Toronto, 7:30 pm, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander St.hotoct

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Early 2017:

my first local feature in over a year: location date TBA

it came in

April season 3 FINALS – Friday April 15th Buddies in Bad Times – early show – 7pm startgames

June 2-4: attending: Capturing Fire 2017 –


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