10-snowlightNext on my classical shelf (well not next to each other as I’m skipping over Chopin for another post) – close to each other are cds of works by Chabrier; Cimarosa MHS; & Corelli MHS. All cd to lps transfers that I’m happy to keep as transfers. 10-snowgolfThe Chabrier is Espana: works for solo piano that includes his biggest hit España – his music derives from folk melodies, lush, romanic & energetic. Some is more familiar to us that you think – España is almost a cliche of what Spanish classical music is – almost as pervasive as Carmen. The influence of Debussy is subtle & appealing in these impressionistic pieces. Easy listening classical that isn’t dull.10-snowyardThe Cimarosa is a set of his harpsichord sonatas transferred from an MHS recording. Played on original instruments the sound is sweet, almost too sweet in fact. I can only take a couple of these at a time. It fills my need for solo harpsichord 🙂 Mostly face tempo, rippling & light. 10-snowgolfThe Corelli is another of my MHS transfers – a double lp of violin & continuo sonatas on two cds round out with a Mozart Piano Trio. These are pleasant Renaissance duets – easy listening, relaxing & sometimes sprightly. An easy starter composer for anyone who wants to explore beyond Vivaldi.sample


Glimpse Into the History of Medicine in the Age of Falfa

submitted by Br’thr Singa (Records)

The lack of records before the Age of Falfa has made research into the history of medicine and disease difficult. We do know of simple diseases such as cold, flues, cancer but beyond that there is nothing substantial.

Even these ailments no longer trouble us. We do have several type of rash to cope with but these are most amendable to the medications at hand.

The general complaints of muscle ache and over-all fatigue can be dealt with easily by the application of a poultice made from Temperate seeds. These, when chewed, will also invigorate the body to overcome momentary fatigue, though long term use of them is not recommended.

Seed pod casing can be soaked in rainwater and, when soft, applied directly to cuts or bruises. These will clear in minutes.

The casing can also be ground in to a fine dust, the finer the better, and this sprinkled upon lesions and deeper cuts to ensure prompt and scarless healing.

Spectrum Analysis of the casing has shown that the microbes it traps remain intact no matter how finely ground. It is this microorganism that causes the healing process. So far our scientists have been unable to extract these microbes from the falfa. They vanish without the plant protein to maintain them.

Falfa that has had its microbes removed suffers greatly as well. The seeds produced are not fully formed, plants from these seeds are weak, pale and sterile. Once exposed to the proper nutrients they do flourish.

Research is now being carried out on those who do not tend the falfa to see if they suffer as a consequence. To tend the falfa is a sacred calling, a scared calling that requires the tender to tend not only the falfa but all mankind.

As much as we are here to serve the falfa the f falfa is here to serve us.

The products made from falfa are distributed widely and freely to all who require it. So far nothing has been discovered by the dr’trs that does not respond completely to the healing power of falfa. Recently a br’ther who had suffered severe burns was healed within hours after immersion in a falfa oil bath.soon


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