they bond over Bowie

sharing memories of first hearing

Ziggy Stardust

Young Americans


the old stuff

even the younger-than’s

fall back to those older times

no one says ‘let’s dance’

gave them a sense of context


they bond

then the ties fray

Bowie was human

after all

allegations of rape

sex with the underaged

when he was in his early twenties

they see this 69 year old man

of today

toying with the panties

of a fragile unwilling teenage girl


context gets lost

in this wash of language & image

with this need to now judge

to put his reputation into perspective

allegations become convictions

deeds that may

or may not have happened

decades ago

now become proven facts

evidence is irrelevant

accomplishments are diminished


actions that may or may not have happened

when he was a drunk druggy in his 20’s

are condemnations

actions we might forgive any drunken druggy

once he’d learned better

are now presented

because of who he became

as if there is a need to get even

to question rape allegations

one becomes a rape apologist


so it’s easier to just shake one’s head in dismay

than confront

this invested-in

denying me the right to feel grief

over his death

19-wetwhiteOften what goes on the the world around me influences what I write. Sometimes what is going on is a perfect for for the Law I’m working on too. This one was written at the time David Bowie died. I’d been watching some of the TV coverage, the retrospectives, the online memorialization’s.

19-blackcabinetOne friend who posted a touching poem about their feelings of loss has someone comment that Bowie wasn’t deserving of such reverence – that he was in fact a child molester rapist & these memorials were misguided & triggering. I did some research into these allegations & found them to be just that but being charged is enough to stain. Not enough credible evidence was found to press charges.

Not that I think Bowie was a saint, or even a musical genius – more genius at marketing himself as is Madonna, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. But he became an opportunity for people to talk – to opine. I was asked at coffee shop by barista I didn’t know how I felt about Bowie’s passing away. It became like talking about the weather.19-whiteinner

Then the dark side of his youth surfaced – a rock star who may have gotten mixed up with underage teens. This info was presented in such a way that if you liked his music at any time you were a rape-apologist. Was T.S. Eliot a racist? Does reading him make you a racist too? Woody Allen? Anne Sexton had a very bizarre relationship with her children perhaps we better never read her again lest it appear we condone her alleged child abuse.19-browndeskSo this piece about reputation came about as a direct result of the news at the time & how attitudes shifted, old dirt surfaced. It make some grateful that my level of notoriety will never be higher than it is now so I don’t have to worry about my past destroying my after-death reputation. soon


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