21-greenedge-03I am not disabled. Let me make that clear. Unless you count being an over 50 male is a physical disability – the way many guys on line react to age I might as well be wheelchair bound like Andrew Gurza – though my joy stick isn’t as formidable as his. Then again, the way many gay guys obsess with big cock I might as well as be on invisible crutches.21-greenbin-04

If anything I am ‘socially disadvantaged’ – non-drinker, non-smoker, non-drugger, unwilling to pay $30 to see a first-run movie & to top it off – an unrepentant poet! Guys I meet on line will ask what I’m into for social activity – when I tell them poetry readings, conversations end. I stopped going to bars decades ago – music too loud for conversation doesn’t ‘invite me’- bar staff who feel cheated when I order juice also don’t make me feel welcome. Boozers tip better.

21-greenpainting-01In a recent podcast interview with Kelle Carbone a transman activist Kelle & Andrew talked about the reactions their families had to their coming out – Kelle’s family assumed he would only be able to date other transmen – which cast a light on the confining nature of gender roles in sexuality. It made me question how I would react to a transman being sexually interested me?

21-greenlegs-02That sort of questioning is one of the reasons I enjoy the Disability After Dark podcast – it lets me questions things about my own sexual likes & attractions that I often don’t consider. I know my aging knees & sometimes tricky back hold me back; that my belief in the fallacy of fidelity goes against the homo-normative relationship paradigm limits me as much as it opens me. I also get to examine elements of white ableist entitlement I often am unaware of – which is good thing.


Rocket In Your Pocket

I’ve never done anything like this before

well to be honest I have


never with a dick like yours

I’ve seen bigger

but never wanted it

as much as I want yours


it is a great cock

no one have ever given me

so much pleasure with their cock

the fact that you don’t kiss

is made up for with your fabulous pecker


yes it’s the best I’ve ever had

not that I’ve had that many

but I can tell you’re experienced

by the way you enjoy what you are doing

you don’t waste time with conversation

just get down to the deed

do what you do best


that’s all anyone ever wants

they don’t want you

just your amazing power driving cock

and that’s all you want to do

regardless of their pleasure



you are a man interested in only his needs



in and out

seeing the world

as just a depository

for that energizing sperm


we aren’t people

just warm wet

come rags

no I don’t mind

no one does

we just want to worship

your fantastic


rocket of pleasure


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