Disco Daze

Disco was viewed as disposable non-music that resulted in an angry backlash as it gained in popularity & sales. Surely this backlash had nothing at all to do with the music coming out the black world & the gay subculture. We know how supportive white straight folk are of those cultural scenes.

24-snowmenThe first mp3 collection starts with various tracks I pulled from cds (Dr Alban, King Brit etc) that didn’t hold more than a great track or two. The Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack; Patrick Cowley: Megatron Man: this was a great favourite of mine that I had on cassette made by a friend who knew Cowley: pulsating electronica & a delight. Luba: Let it Flow (then she disappeared); Meco: Star Wars: cheesy fun that I wish were the actual soundtrack to the movies – side 1 Wars, side two dj space filler. Q-Feel: one big hit Dancing in Heaven – which is one of my top 50 disco hits – the rest is solid pop. Plus a few tracks by Michael Bow, Company C: I had these on a cassette made by another friend.

24-snowballThe next mp3 collection are Ministry of Sound compilations: Anthems Disco; Electronic 80’s. Five hours of dynamic disco like being whisked back on the dance floor at the Quest or upstairs at the Barn. Chic, Dan Hartman, Sister Sledge, Duran Duran, Soft Cell. Songs I know by groups I’ve never heard since. Let’s All Chant, Play That Funky Music, Black Man Ray, Small Town Boy. Music that got me high without drugs.

The stand alone is MuchMusic’s Dance Mix ’92 with tracks by Marky Mark, 2Unlimited, Right Said Fred etc. Some of these I have more of scattered through the collection. Marky Mark, who grew up dour, was a fun performer with excellent producers & like many made smart use of Loletta Holloway & gave her credit for that work.24-snowmen

Patrick Cowley was a producer based in Montreal, a place that was a hub for great dance (& other) music. He worked with Sylvester, amongst others, to create  some of the hottest tracks of the time. He also did porn soundtracks – I found School Daze – a compilation of those as well. I’ve played at times when making out & you know, this music is so stereotypical guys recognize it as porn music. I guess that’s a good thing 🙂24-snowshelf
I disco danced away a couple of decades & my knees are paying for it now 🙂




Vidimage One shows a field of falfa that has received constant care, prayer and devotion. Vidimages two to  four show a fields of the same size that for the purpose of experimentation have received only care, or only prayer, or only devotion respectively. The fifth vidimage is of a field that received no care, no prayer or no devotion.

It is clear from these  vidimages that the first field is by far the most well developed. The seeds pods are full to bursting, the stalks are thick, pulpy and at least twelve hands tall. The leaves are full, green and flexible. The flowers are aromatic and possess the deep green of health.

In  Vidimages two to four various deficiencies can been seen. Though the plants are not without some value they have not reached their full potential. The plants in vidimages three which received prayer only are of the control groups vidimages the most robust. Vidimages five is by far the most shocking of them. These plants are mere shadows of what falfa is. The nutrient quality is nil and they struggled to become more than a hand tall.

Conclusions are easy to draw but not simple to explain. We have yet to discover the connection between falfa heath and prayer. We know that without it the plants will not reach their greatest potential. Attempts, not illustrated, to propagate and grow them with only care and devotion have proved to be equally as discouraging. But when all three are present and constant the results are plants at their fullest and strongest.

For our planet to go on these three key elements must be maintained. Further study will not lessen the need for any one of these key ingredients, but it is without a doubt that prayer must remain foremost in our striving to reclaim and repair our world.

Those of you who feel it okay to shirk the duties of recitation, silent vigils and prayer as being a waste of time take note of our findings. Resistance to the facts spells our doom.


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