Take the Notice and Run


Take the Notice and Run

do I want to be noticed

or be remembered

do I want to make an impression

or be respected


not that I know what respect means


singled out

do I want to pull so much focus to myself

no one else gets seen

so much that rather than respect

I get resentment

for being an attention seeking whore


my apologies

to the legitimate whores here

I know that’s a derogatory term to some

but whatever pays the rent is fine by me

even it means sucking

all the attention of the room

to yourself

with a turn of an unpopular phrase

so I guess respect isn’t on the table after all


it calls for too much restraint

too much attention to saying the right words

wearing the discrete things

at the right time

even if that means giving lip service

or a total fuck you

to the # politically correct of the moment


the expediency of taking the pulse

giving the crowd what it needs

to keep it beating in my favour

because their notice is more lasting

than self-respect


self-respect doesn’t call

enough attention to itself

it become a sort of humility

a gosh-darn-it step aside

for those who deserve the attention

now that’s the attention I want to steal

without doing more than being present


the less I do

for the attention I get

the happier everyone is

so yes I like this shirt

thanks for noticing it

26-reddresser-01This is another piece that reflects the law more than usual. The word ‘attention’ set this train of thought off – many of the Laws deal with attention in one for or the other – how to get it, rarely with what to do with it once you get it.

I know some people who are always late as a way of getting attention – they arrive at meetings, events late & make enough fuss getting there that all eyes are on them as they find a seat, make excuses – they rarely slip in silently. But always run late is not one of the Laws.26-whitesprings

There are people who always get in the news for their stupidity – just listen to what so & so just said – can you believe it! Or a released serial killer now lives in … I wish there was such a thing as shunning – in which a person would be refused air time & never be mentioned again in the press or TV. There is a way to track people so you always hear what they’re doing. I wish there was a reverse program in which you could enter a person’s name & never hear about them again. That would be sweet. Mentions wouldn’t show up in your FB, twitter or other feeds.

26-redlegI also suspect some figures in the news say stupid things just for the attention not because they actually believe that they are saying. I’ve heard poets doing the same thing or putting those outrageous words into the ‘voice’ of a character so they can say them & get away with it because it in’t really them. Or I was just joking.26-brownshelf

My piece Nuncle John was partly written so I could swear a lot, so I could get away with that level of vulgar language as a character – not as me, no I would never say those things. It has become one of my most popular pieces too – so it says things that many wish they could allow themselves to say.

But I prefer to get attention with a memorable shirt or tee-shirt not by being so offensive, deliberately controversial that people think ‘not that stupid bastard again.’



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