Cool Struttin’ 


In the 80’s a friend had the lp of the Sonny Clark Trio w Paul Chambers & ‘Philly’ Joe Jones, which I copied onto to cassette & eventually replaced with a stand-alone cd some years ago. This is prime piano trio jazz that hasn’t aged & can stand up to the likes of The Bad Plus. Chamber & Jones both played with Coltrane. Solid, easy to listen to but not middle of the road by any means. I also have stand alone Cool Struttin’ that adds the horns of Art Farmer & Jackie McLean to the Trio for a satisfying outing. Both highly recommended as ‘real’ jazz introductions.



Next are solo recordings by Stanley Clarke & Billy Cobham. Both had worked with Chick Corea, Miles Davis during the jazz/rock fusion era that revitalized jazz. I have Clarke’s Children of Forever as a stand alone & Journey To Love on an mp3 collection. Children is a direct nod to his work with Corea’s Return to Forever – sweet & funky with strong latino influences. Journey is less funky & more jazz. Clarke is a bass player so that really informs his arrangements. I love Journey with its timeless work. Children is a fun period piece.31-snowcarpetCobham is a dummer, percussionist & the two pieces of his I have are stand alone’s Cross Winds; with Total Eclipse tucked into another mp3 collection. Winds is a sublime, moody joy that transcends the jazz fusion label, Eclipse is more challenging but still fairy smooth listening.31-treelights


If you want to dip into jazz along with the Sonny Clark – Journey to Love or/and Cross Winds are great places to start. All are pure, true to their roots & bring more than easy listening smooth jazz.



Sacrifice Song

mark the man

make the sign of forfeit

it is he

who has been granted

the gift of sacrifice


mark the man

bring him good and kindness

prepare his heart and soul

for the opportunity

to sacrifice


mark the man

heap praise and thanks

upon his ears and home

as signs of our gratitude

for his sacrifice


mark the man

make the time

record the incident

sing the songs of praise

dance the joy

of sacrifice


mark the man

so few have given

all that it takes

to push the world

back on the right path

the path of sacrifice


mark the man

allow him abundance of falfa

allow him field of falfa

to dream upon

to roll through and savour

to sweeten for sacrifice


mark the man

make the sign of forfeit

it is he

who has been granted

the gift of sacrifice


Children’s Song

1 2

skip to the wall

3 4

lift our voices

make the call

5 6

it is time

when there is no time

7 8

the return has come

we will sing

9 10

after the bell

we start again


Ritual for Heart Joining

We are gathered here to today

to give ablutions to those who pray

join with me now

all feel the call

all who are ready to fall

as the falfa falls

to bring these hearts together

in a rare and select opportunity

the smile of time

has been spread up you two

a sun shine from within

a sun that cradles your hearts

the hearts

we gather to join today

the hearts we rejoice in

the splendid pleasure of union

the promise of the future

smiles as we smile together

as we stand together at this time

in this field

the sway play of the blossoms

the gentle rattle of the seeds

the promise they bring

will be fulfilled in

these two hearts

that are now joined


Prayer For Rain

rain fall upon our fields

brings sweet release to the soil

to the seeds

to the frail and tender shoots

rain fall upon our roofs

lighting play upon our fields

let the power strike the earth

to fill refill replenish

rain and lightening

thunder and clouds

we call upon you to

bless us now and always

we thank you for the

blessing you have brought

thank you Time

we have been blessed over and over

we will continue



Pavilion Dedication

Those who enter

the three pavilions

are those who carry

the message of the past

the message of the future

the message unheard

the message of the Heartless One

which none as yet

has received


Morning Grace

Grant us

your humble servants

the grace to tend these fields

the power to communicate

to sustain and propagate the seeds

that will carry our race

into the future

grant us this

our our great maker

and we grant you

abundant gratitude


and joy

amen soon


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