NaNoWriMo 16.01

01-fenceIt’s actually October 24 as I start this blog post. Part of my Nano prep is getting as many blog posts ready as I can so I can focus on my Nano word count during November. Some of my weekly posts aren’t time sensitive so I can have them done in advance. Others, like my Nano progress posts are time relative, except for this first post. The sample here is from last year’s Nano novel, which is still in progress.

My target this year is to average 2500 words a day for a total of 75,000, which I’ve nearly hit every year so far. The total includes notes & outline as I add to those notes & change that outline. Not that I outline a lot. I do one more in hindsight to keep track of what I’ve covered already. Also keep track of what needs to be resolved for this particular story line.

I’ll be leaving lots of unresolved threads as I intend Picture perfect to be the first of the adventures my hero gets caught up in.

This I’m opting not to load up on loads of new music. I want to save $ for Capturing Fire for one thing & also maybe have some for the Nano winner tee. This year postage is more than the cost of the tee 😦 – which more than doubles the cost of the tee & when one adds in difference between US & Canadian currency pushes that cost even higher. At least there’s no shipping charges on the donations.

I have a Nano playlist that’ll consist of Chopin Complete Works Volume 1 (5 hours); Roxy Music/Brian Ferry (5 hours); Aphex Twin/Dance Music/Circus Music (over 8 hours) – that’ll do for starters 🙂 There’s lots more where this came from. I’ll play these on shuffle so my imagination never knows what’ll come next.

During the last week of October I look over last years work, see where I left things off, make notes on what needs to be followed up on. I already have ideas for some major scenes – i.e. the snake handlers church. I intend to push to the end of this story line which after two years is already at the 120,000 word mark. Then I can get out the chainsaw to get in shape for blogging.

This year I plan to blog fresh slabs on Saturday & Tuesday along with a bit of my griping about the process. I’ll also be getting out to some write-in’s if there’s some close enough to me. 20 min walk or 20 min via TTC is as far as I’m willing to travel. I’ll also be hosting Sunday write-ins for members of Nano Misfits. 01-chairSo stay tuned for for the rest of the month. The sample here is a random clip from last year. As always these are very rough drafts with minimal copy editing.nano16picDan pulled up two of Teresa’s photos. The one of her with Hank, and the one of his sister Linda, with Kevin. They had been taken with Teresa’s camera. he could remember that little Kodak of hers. For a crap camera it took okay pictures. The pictures had been taken within a short time of each other around the same location. The post T. & H. were leaning against was to the left of L. & K. Shadows made it mid-afternoon.

None of them looked as if they were dressed for a date. Minimal make up on the girls. Sloppy clothes on the guys. Maybe they didn’t dressed up for afternoon dates. Maybe it wasn’t a date.

He cropped each of the pictures so they only showed the couples from the waist up. With Hank’s dick bulge out of the picture it was clear to Dan that this was no nineteen year old as Teresa was convinced he was. Funny how a thing like that could add years.

He went into the family photos and found one with Linda and the man she had introduced to the family as Kevin. He was clearly not the man with Linda in Teresa’s picture.

Once he was satisfied with the cropped pictures he emailed them to Linda with the subject line: “Remember when” The body of the email said: ‘Met up with T. this past week. She has lots of vivid memories of you and me from when we in Stellerton. Here’s a couple of pictures she had of you and her with various boy toys. Let me know what memories they call up for you.”

He’d let her tell him who the the various men were. It was possible he had the years mixed up. But she was wearing the same blouse and pedal pushers in both pics, merely with different men on her arm.

Dan’s cell buzzed.

It was Sandy, “There’s someone down here to see you.”


“You might say that.” another voice answered.

“Jeremy! I’ll right down.”

Jeremy and daughter were talking with H.

Daughter {didn’t remember her name when I first wrote this} dashed over and after moving her Reporter camera to one side hugged him.

“Time you got something more lady like.” he said.

“That is a sexist remark.” daughter said.

“Then let me rephrase it – time you got some more sophisticated.” Dan reached past her to shake hands with Jeremy.

“How’s east coast life?” he asked.

“Wet and windy.” Dan replied.

“That was quite a storm. I guess you were in the middle of it.”

“I hope you got some good pics!” daughter said.

“What do you think.” Dan said.

“Show me. Show me.” she demanded.

“Well? There’s nothing duller than someone’s travel photos.” Dan said.

“Indulge us,”Jeremy touched Dan on the biceps.

“Twist my arm why don’t you. I do have a slide show of my storm pics.” He went over to the store showroom computer and loaded shots from his cloud. The pictures appeared on all the TVs on display and the one in the front window.

“This is the car I was driving. Built for speed.”

“Built for looks.” Jeremy said.

“These are some quick grabs as I stopped to decide which way to here. These are the cloudy horizon … the first drops … the lightening … the nearly total dark before the storm really hit … the windshield wipers losing the battle … a short video of the rain on the roof and on the wind shield …”

‘Weren’t you scared at all?” daughter asked.

“Oh yeah. Here’s where I pulled off at the Grille in Port E. … my red beer … my excellent burger … the sudden power loss … on the porch ….”

“You can’t see across the street.” Jeremy said.

“Too true.”

“Another little film of the SUV … I love the way it emerges from the rain but never seems to separate from it either … Lorenz Haydn my rescuer … my room at his b’n’b … ”

“How did you get those pictures driving in the rain?” daughter asked. “You can’t drive and aim a camera at the same time. Can you?”

“Nope. I was using my Talk2C attachment.”

“Talk2C?” Jeremy asked.

“Voice command for cameras. We’ve been developing it with Lifend.” He took a small box out of his shoulder bag. “Put the camera on this stand, plug in the cable. The stand can turn some and adjust a little up and down too. Not as good as hand held but as you see good enough. Or even wearing it around your neck. The microphone picks up limited voice commands. up down zoom shoot video stop.

Sucks a lot of power though but we’re working on that. An adapter for plugging it in to direct source.”

The slide show had progressed to the video him and Lorenz careening down the slope on Moose Trail.

“I did have to hold both myself and the camera steady for that.”

“That’s flipping amazing.” Sandy said.

“That one calls for Imax.” daughter said.

“You don’t look much worse for wear after your downhill surfing.” Jeremy said.

“Hey,” someone who had come in from the street said. “What movie is that from. I’ve been watching it outside.”

“Not a movie, yet.” Dan said. “Just the latest in home video technology.”

“You selling that here?” the man asked.

“Lifend.” Dan said. “You’ll have to go to our high end mall shop I’m afraid.”

“Figures. What the fuck, it’ll be in the next android phone anyway for a tenth of the price.” He left the Depot.

“Even at a tenth most people couldn’t afford it.” Sandy said.

“Daddy and I were wondering if you might be free for supper.”

“Un ho.” Dan said. “I knew there was a real reason for you two to show up here.”

“There’s something I’d like to talk over with anyway.” Jeremy said.

“I don’t like the sound of that.” Dan smiled. “I was looking forward to a night of nothing in my own little house. Busy day tomorrow and then I’m heading back to Moncton on a six o’clock flight.”

“We could order in to your little house. Couldn’t we Daddy.” Daughter said.

Dan hesitated. Peter was moved in for his house sitting duties. Explaining that to the Moxham’s would requite more tact than he could muster at short notice.

“Unless you have other real plans.” Jeremey said.

“All right. Let’s see …” He checked the time on his cell. “Say 6:30. That gives me time to get home first and make sure the cobwebs have been cleared out.”

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