Dedicated To The One I Love



this book is dedicated to

my agent Alan Smithee

my editor Ruthie Daniels whose suggestions guided me each step of the way

my copy editor Justin Taylor who found mistakes I didn’t think anyone could make

my friend Allie French who suggested the plot for me

Gus Koholajak the bartender at F.U.Up Bar & Grille for the names of my lead characters

Broken Wrists: my writers group for helping guide the plot to keep it moving

my friend Kaleb McLean who transcribed written notes and also put them in order

my next door neighbour Diane Simms who transcribed my voice capture dictations and fitted them into Kaleb’s sequence

Beast of Burton the comedy improv class that helped me discover dialogue for the crucial scenes

David Jeffers who did the legal research for me

Deborah Clarke who provided much of the medical information

of course I can’t neglect my partner Stan Mansfield who cooked cleaned and encouraged when I felt people weren’t getting back to me fast enough

finally you my readers because I wrote this book just for you


I don’t think there’s actually much to be explained here 🙂 I’ll let you write the rest of this post for me. Well, perhaps not. The art of the book dedication has changed over the years. At one time it was a way of acknowledging a patron, or one’s suffering spouse, or some specific inspiration. Poets would dedicate pieces to the wealthy hoping to insure or inspire even more financial support.02-gar02

There’s a great short story by Joyce Carol Oates called, I think, Notes on Contributors – in which the bios create an interrelated narrative that tells a story beyond the bio details given. Very clever construct. In my piece I try to tell the story of this writer.

Or are they a writer? The ultimate unreliable narrator who discloses that they actually didn’t do any of the work & are now reaping the rewards. It is also a list poem that shows all the various elements that come into play when one is a writer. Elements & people the reader is usually unaware of – even when they read the dedication.

02-gar03The amount of input the various people thanked reveals how little this author did in writing the book. You wonder just what did this writer do other than get the ‘by’ X on the cover? I had fun naming these characters starting with the agent Alan Smithee – which is of course the fake name used when a director removes his name from a film. This is a sort of tip off about the actual quality of the book. 02-gar04

Then follows the list of people who did all this author’s work from plotting, to characters named even dialogue as out-sourced. Did he do any writing at all – dictating isn’t putting pen to paper, or fingers to key board. This guy didn’t even do his own research. Did he get free drinks by offering to mention his favourite bar tender?

The final nod to ‘my readers’ reflects what I often find is that fake humility writers can show – secretly writers don’t really give a fuck if you like what they write as long as you buy it – they don’t write it for you they write it for your money.


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