Les Chaises Plus

07-round01I discovered Daran & Les Chaises on French Kiss – when MuchMusic was attempting to expose English Canada to French pop. These were the days when I was visiting Montreal for an AA roundup & wanted to improve my French. Daran was not a PQ band so their French wasn’t quite the same.

07-round02I have two stand alone’s: J’évite le soleil; Huit. The music is rock, with thick, propulsive guitar work. Vocals are good, emotionally evocative. The videos were compelling too, even I never did learn enough French to understand the lyrics. The guys in the band were good looking in that unshaved mec way. Two cd’s were enough though I always enjoy them when they come back up in play rotation.

Near Daran is Joe Dassin – now were talking more old school French pop – smooth, easy listening & with lots of charm. I had various lps & cassettes at one time & replaced the with a double cd set of his ‘hits.’ His covers of Tony Joe White are excellent. He is a sort of Parisienne Neil Diamond. He was (& perhaps still is) immensely popular in Europe. TV shows, movies & the like. Not as emotionally demanding as Brel he covers some of the same cabaret territory with a somewhat more c/w flavour.

07-round04I discovered him at the huge second hand record & book store, that at that time was near the Berri-UQAM metro station. I’d spend hours going through endless rows of lps, cassette – cds hadn’t quite come into the market then. I’d shove to wash my hands they’d be so dirty from he search. The only other music store I’ve found like it was Amoeba Records in San Francisco. Those were the days when I didn’t travel to bar hop but to record shop.



Slat stumbled over the sharp shard that projected from the rough floor. He had picked his way so careful and was pissed to have this catch him now. The bit wasn’t more than four knuckles high and as thick around as his baby finger. But it was sharp. It had sliced into the bottom of his foot and blood leaked from the puncture.

‘What be you?’

He accused the sharp. He hunched down for a closer look. He pushed the dirt away from the base of it.

‘Are you a ….’

He gripped it as hard as he could but it was firmly set in the hard floor. He wriggled it back and forth and it loosened slightly.

‘You can’t resist my pull, can you?’

He pushed the shard back and forth and ground it against the sides of the gradually larger hole. The white dust of the floor was caught in a sudden breeze and blew into his eyes.

‘You know resistance only makes me more set.’

He had to get it out before dark. Once the sun was down Wires would be out. He had never faced a Wire and didn’t want to. He got a better purchase on the shard and yanked at it with all his might. It gave way and he fell back as it slid out of his hands. The palms were red with cuts from it.

‘You have gone too far now whatever you are.’

Slat pushed the hair away from his face, spit on his sore hands and jerked the shard up and down, back and forth and inched it up and out. It was nearly twice his height. Long and firm.

‘Could be st’kl.’

He knew that st’kl was of great value and to have piece this long would make his fortune. Make his future. He leaned it against his shoulder and found the passage way down to the street. The first rays of the sunset set glinted from the gl’ss that remained on the highest parts of the structures around him.

‘Ques will sure be pleased to see what I have found for him today. Found for us.’


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