Not Playing


Not Playing

I’m not playing hard to get

but you have to be hard

if you expect to get me

so I’m glad you like my profile

that you think my pics are hot

but like isn’t enough

saying you want more

meaning nothing until you

do something to get me

I’ll open the door to opportunity

once or twice

if you make excuses

if you present conditional circumstances

it isn’t going to happen

that door will close

Yeah I know I’m not all that

but that doesn’t mean

I’ll put up with postponement

that I’ll be grateful

for any attention I may get

I don’t want attention

I want action

so I’m glad you like my profile

it got your attention

you contacted me

the door is opened09-gar01

Law 8 is about bait. This piece is one of the more literal that I wrote. I automatically thought of the one bait I am most familiar with – on-line dating site pics & profiles. Just like books covers on Amazon one needs a pic that grabs the eye, one needs profile information that is reasonably honest.09-gar02

The first lines are almost a song lyric in the word play – they spring from ‘a good man’s hard to find/ a hard man’s good to find.’ Often the initial contact refers to pics – depending on the site those pics go from g.p. to xxx. If you don’t have a dick or ass pic guys will ask to see them before venturing further with you. Or if all you have are dick/ass pics they’ll want a face & body pic.

There are tops who only post pics of their ass – mixed messages that I skip over. Bottoms who message about how much they’d like to fuck you. Hmm. Not that bottoms can’t or don’t top but be clearer – don’t claim to be a total bottom then show up at my house & get pissed off because I won’t bottom for you. You want flip-fuck – fine but don’t hide that.09-gar03

This piece is more about those who ultimately don’t want anything but attention. They’ll be very complimentary, direct & explicit about what they want – then things cloud that explicit picture – geography gets in the way – too late for travel that far. Or time becomes impossible – they say anytime but really mean any time that suits them. And the time that suits them is my supper time or past my bed time. I never day anytime. I’m also very clear about where I live – intersection not address. I don’t make no excuses. Excuses aren’t the right bait.09-gar04


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