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As promised last week I’m going to talk about one of my particular devotee ‘preferences.’ Two of my favorite tumblr blogs are http://hotdwarfs.tumblr.com,  http://menofshortstature.tumblr.com. Hot posts more pics of shirts little men than Short. I also ‘follow’ the Tumblrs of a couple of short men as well but neither of them post frequently enough. Be warned there are occasional nudes.

I don’t know where this particular fascination came from – perhaps for seeing live midget wresting as an adolescent, pre-hormone flood. On my first read of the Lord of Rings I was aroused by the Hobbits with their hairy feet. Sadly there was no discussion of any other of their body parts & what sex life that was hinted at was dull heteronormativity.11-white01

Snow White was a lookist, sizest, superficial nincompoop. As were the seven dwarfs in their infatuation for some shallow pretty woman who knew how to cook, clean house but never even thought of coming across with more than a pat on the head or a kiss on the nose. Please! Those guys had access to a diamond mine. The prince had a horse – and you know who ended up cleaning up after it. And as you know seven goes into one more times than one goes into one. Just saying.11-white03

One of things that come sup in my Tumblr groups & also in my own personal search is the lack of gay little person porn. There is some straight stuff but nearly none queer. What shorter guys show up in porn they are always invariably bottoms. Where’s the fun in that 🙂 11-white02

A few little men do post jo & erotic pics but that’s it. There is supposedly no market for it. When I cruise profiles on line, I always check height – big thick cock isn’t so hard to find but I want a guy who is the same height lying down as he is standing up 🙂





I’ve never done anything like this before

well to be honest I have


never with a dick like yours

I’ve seen bigger

but never wanted it

as much as I want yours

it’s a great cock

no one have ever given me

so much pleasure with their cock

the fact that you don’t kiss

is made up for with your fabulous pecker

yes it’s the best I’ve ever had

not that I’ve had that many

but I can tell you’re experienced

by the way you enjoy what you are doing

you don’t waste time with conversation

just get down to the deed

do what you do best

that’s all I want

that’s all anyone ever wants

they don’t want you

just your amazing power driving cock

and that’s all you want to do

regardless of their pleasure


you are a man interested in only his needs



in and out

seeing the world

as just a depository

for your energizing sperm

we aren’t people

just warm wet

come rags

no I don’t mind

no one does

we just want to worship

your fantastic thrusting rocket of pleasure



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pig snout on the drive home from Stratford Oct 2016
pig snout on the drive home from Stratford Oct 2016


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