Siouxsie and NaNoWriMo 16.04


This sample is from November 3. I wanted to get into the Cold Canada interviews right away as I’ve found those to be the most productive in my work last year. Each is like a mini-novel as I develop back stories for the missing children and their families. 12-flag2

David Morrison lived a mile or so north of St. Peter’s in a wooded area. The dirt road to his house wound around a pond in such a way that the house was revealed, Dan didn’t think was accidental. If it had been a plain bungalow he might not have thought so. The house was a perfect pyramid with a deck along all four sides of the base. Each face of the pyramid had its own entrance way set inside a triangle that was also perfect. Each entrance was was roofed with solar panels. The top third of the house was glass. Around the house were random domed sheds. Some fully covered. Two larger ones that were clearly seen houses.

“Wow!” Dan had never seen a house like it before.


“Not quite what I thought when I first saw it.”

Stephanie parked the car by a domed shed to the left of the house. “I thought how much weed is that man smokin’.”

The remote truck was already there. A tall thin man came out of the back of the truck to greet him.

“You must be Dan James.” he shook Dan’s hand.

“David Morrison. You guys are certainly well equipped. State of the art two years ago. Get Q to invest in the s image processors.”

“Uh … I’ll do that.” Stephanie said.

Dan knew from the bio information Morrison was nearing 80 but he looked like he was in his 50’s.

“I’ve been reading your Cabot Trail book” Dan said.

“Thanks son. I had to do something to keep up with my sons.”

“This is some house.” Dan said as they walked up the steps to the porch.

“Thanks. I’d say I designed it myself but I think the Egyptian influences are hard to miss.” He laughed. “It didn’t start out this large when I moved here in 66. Followed some draft-dodger pals of mine who wanted to get back to the land.”

“That was a big thing then wasn’t it.” Dan said.

“Oh yeah. We were dreamers who woke up hard. I stayed. They went back when their folks cut off their credit cards. I had no folks to speak of so I stayed.”

He lead them around to what Dan supposed was the back of the house. The entrance here lead to a kitchen. The crew was set there for interview.

“When did you expand to this?” Dan asked.

“Started it while Rose was pregnant with Paula. Was doing a lot of the carpentry myself. I came with a real construction background, unlike my buddies who came with dreams. Since then I’ve become a master carpenter, electrician.”

“And published writer.” Stephanie added.

“You aren’t here to talk about me.”

“No” Dan said. “Though this house deserves a show of its own.”

“It has in fact. H&G Canada were here two years ago. I wasn’t so keen myself but anything that brings people to Cape Breton is a good thing. That host, what’s his name …. nope escapes me now … was more interested in his camera time.”

“You ready to start?” Stephanie asked.

“Sure.” Dan took a deep breath to relax while his face was made right for the camera. He still wasn’t used to being fussed over in this way.

“We’ll start in here.” Steph walked into the living room. “We can make the most of this amazing light.”

The light from the glass roof was almost spectral thanks to the fog that hadn’t dissipated yet.

“We’ll start the camera looking directly up to the peak while you three are talking. [work in Jen, the Psychic more]. Is that enough light for you Phil?”

“It’ll be fine.” Phil muttered.

“I’m here in Cape Breton.” Dan began. “On Cape Breton Island with David Morrison. Father of the missing child Paula Morrison. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.”

“I can’t say that it’s my pleasure, Dan, but I am happy to see that someone is taking an interest in this case.”

“I’d like to start by asking you if you remember anything about that day.” Dan knew the key to getting the details they needed was a good start.

“First I’d like you to tell me what you see in these pictures. I have never shown them to anyone. Not even my sons.”

He put four photos on the coffee table between them.

“Polaroids.” Dan said immediately. “We’ll need gloves to handle them though. As they age the surface gets more delicate, subject to cracking.”

One of the crew handed him and Jen pairs of thin rubber gloves. While he was putting them on the camera man moved behind him and over his shoulder to allow the viewers his point of view.

Dan leaned over the pictures without touching them.

“They are all of the same girl. This is Paula.” he moved one into a better light. “I recognize her from the police file photos.” The four picture were progressively closer to her, with changes in angle. “She was showing off this outfit I’d say, or maybe it was the haircut.”

“Both.” David said.

“She doesn’t seem too thrilled by one of them.”

“Or perhaps by how someone was reacting to them?” Jen said.

“Bingo.” David said.

“These were taken shortly before she went missing.” Jen said.

“Right again!”

“She seems a bit young to be a fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees.” Dan said.

“You have done your homework.” David sat back. “I don’t think I told the investigators that at the time. How …”

“Eye shadow, haircut very early Goth look. Siouxsie was one of the first Goth bands to make it big.” Dan said. “Hair and makeup do not go with what she’s wearing though. Suggests conflict.”

“Rose didn’t approve at all. Thought it was too morbid for a girl that age.”

“And you?” Jen asked.

“Personally I was happy she didn’t go the Madonna route. These were taken the day before she was abducted.” He said abducted with conviction.

“There’s some doubt about that?” Dan asked.

“At first no one was willing to connect her with the others. Though even we didn’t realize there had been as many as you’ve brought to light.”

“Willing?” Dan asked.

“Paula had a history of … I don’t to call it running away … but when she got upset she’d take off to her cousin’s in Whycocomagh.”


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