Going Up Stairs #NaNoWriMo 16.06

nano16picMore of the November 3 scene. I let it ramble along to make discoveries. I didn’t know what was in the upstairs room until they went into it. As you can tell I still don’t know the names of either of the camera men or the asst producer for the show. Nor am I decided on their genders or races. This is also the first time I start to develop how Dan feels about his ability. He’s never questioned it until Jen asks him about it. In editing I may this happen sooner as it presents an important avenue to explore if Dan James becomes a continuing series.15-pants

“It wasn’t any worse that their usual set to’s. I had become used to them by then and had learned not to come between them but to take the boys out of the house. Doors were slammed and Paula left the house. Her last words …” he faltered “… were “You’ll never see me again.” We never did.”

“Do you have any of her things? Clothes. Toys. Doc Martins?” Jen asked. “Dan can read photos, so can I to a certain extent. But it helps to be near things she actually handled.”

“Sure.” David got up. “I should have thought of that. The boys took over her room. Some of the furniture is still there. Book shelves. Her desk. It took me a couple of years to dispose of her clothes. Even if she came back they wouldn’t fit her anymore.”

“That must have been difficult.” She followed him into the house.

G hoisted his camera to follow them. Dan followed G with another camera man behind him. On the wall by the stairs leading up to the second floor was a large framed photograph of a picnickers at a table by a lake over shadowed by a sheer mountain ledge. It was very familiar to him. None of the faces were distinct. The clothes set it in the later 40’s, as did the car parked on the grass.

“You coming up?” G called down to him.

“You see something?” camera 2 asked. He made sure he got a good shot of the photo.

“Not sure.” Dan answered.

The room that had been Paula’s was now a spare bed room either of his sons would use when they visited. Jen ran her hands along the book shelf. Sat at the desk.

“Not much there?” David asked. “It’s been decades and lots of other butts and books have been in and out of this room.

“The desk used to be over there.” Jen said. “She liked it in that corner facing the door and the window.”

“Right.” David said.

She pulled the desk away from the wall to look at the back of it. “This would have faced into the room.” She gently stroked that side of the desk. “Can I?” she sat at it once again and pulled out one of the drawers. It didn’t come out completely. She ran her hand on the underside.

“Paula liked to hide things, didn’t she. She needed her secrets.”

“Don’t we all.” David said. “She became more … introverted after her mother died. That’s one of the reason I remarried.”

“You are right though. There isn’t much here. Too many men have been in this room.” Jen went to the window. “Is that the tree she liked?” A tall maple dominated the view from the window. “I mean the one behind the maple. That maple wasn’t there when she was here.”

“I …I don’t think she had a favourite tree. She was more an indoor child. Now that you mention it I don’t think she had a favourite anything. No dolls or stuffed animals she had to have near her. Same with her clothes. What she wore was never a big thing.”

“Until the Banshees.” Dan said.

“Yes. That last year she became more … I guess the word is ‘aware’ of herself as a woman. I think she knew how much it aggravated her step-mother as well.”

“She wanted the attention.” Jen said. “I doubt if she was that much of a real fan of any band. This one worked. If it hadn’t she might have tried Madonna to get the reactions she wanted.”

“I need a break.” David said and left the room.

“This is a wrap for now.” asst prod said. “Take, say, an hour. I’ll talk with Mr. Morrison and see what’s up.”

The camera crew went downstairs. Asst prod motioned Dan and Jen to stay in the room.

“Do you think we’re getting anything here. I mean neither of you seem to be picking up any vibes or clues. No new information.”

“Perhaps not, but he does confirm the ineffective way the constabulary dealt with things.” Jen said.

“We already know why these children were never found. That isn’t strong enough.”

“So we’re back to stretching things out for 90 minute episodes.” Dan said. “You want me to accuse him of molesting his daughter which forced her to run away.”

“My God.” Jen paled. “You mean she might not be one of the victims after all?”

“That’s certainly something the RCMP would have suspected. They do that in all cases of missing children.”

“Now they do. Did they back in the eighties?” prod asst asked.

“I’d have to see the actual case file. You know the files that the division has been unable to locate. I don’t get that vibe from him.”

“I don’t get it from the house either.” Jen said. “But the minute you suggested that it give me the sort of chill I get when an ugly truth is revealed. All I can say though is that someone was seriously traumatized in this house. Perhaps this room. But the weird shape of this house does things to energy.”

“He’s right about pyramid power?”

“Oh yes. This shape attracts and channels an energy your average house doesn’t.”

“I’m for talking with him some more.” Dan said. “At least to find out who saw her after she left here. Maybe she did go the reserve. She’s the oldest of the children that went missing and was clearly more involved in a world outside of the home and school.”

“I’ll talk with Mr Morrison and see how he feels about going on.”

“I’m going to take a stroll around the grounds.” Jen said. “Do your eyes always work on photographs?”

“No. It took me a few years after I left the force to stop seeing rooms as crime scenes. I don’t know if I want to get back into that head set.”


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